Simple Steps to Become a Non- Smoker......By Debby Glennon

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this is a simple step by step guide to begin to quit smoking and stay off the cigarettes, once you do you will save plenty of money ,lol the only part I left out of my little article!

Simple Steps To Become A Non-Smoker .. by Debby Glennon

I am writing this in hopes of helping you as you are reading this
and others I do hope join you- to quit smoking for good!!
With no drugs -- doing it the cold turkey way.
always consult your phyiscian before changing your life..
I did not though i do believe i should have.
And when you have committed yourself to the freedom of a non- smoker
you will be so proud of yourself.

#1 This doesn't happen overnight.
the results are slow,
#2 Prepare your mind to quit
you must want to give them up
It may take you a few tries but
most important is do not give up!!
#3 prepare to give up things that
make you want a cigarette,
such as salt, caffine,liquor ,
or learn to live with them without the nicotine.
#4 never leave yourself without a cigarette
that will drive you to really wanting them
#5 Start with cutting down
if you smoke apack only smoke 1/2 a pack
then gradually 5 cigarettes a day
I always kept 3 cigarettes in my ashtray
everyday for the first 2 weeks..
#6 Create a smokeless atmosphere
alert others they have to go outdoors to smoke,
soon your house will even start to smell better.
#7 Find a good supporter..
It's a proven fact that quitting smoking is harder
than a heroin addiction!
#8 this is not going to be easy
#9 When you sneak and smoke
and think you are fooling everyone
-- you are only fooling yourself
#10 Don't let anyone tell you it's easy to quit
they have done it many times if they had done
it at all they would not be smoking today..

My personal story I was trying to quit it took me like 4 tries and finally it happened!
I had quit for 4 days and then i thought i'd sneak a smoke ,
well let me tell you that first drag I inhaled
I felt like i knew what a heroin addict feels like
I felt the smoke go through every inch of my body
and became so lightheaded, I put down that cigarette
and never touched them again after feeling that poison
possess every inch of my being.
Oh God then I started smelling my friends, wow did they ever stink--
ranked and some still do.. their houses their bowls with lids- yup go over a smokers house and pop open a tupperware -- it's filled with cigarette smoke.
you my friend will start feeling terrific after the first 4 days although they say it takes 21 days to get the habit kicked-- you become friendlier and calmer and get a lot more done.
Cigarettes do kill you slowly and your friends.
Cigarettes do not care if you quit or not!
I do not care if you quit or not!
You have to care you have to want this.
If you need more help or have other questions
just leave a message and good luck.!
From a quitter of 4 years cold turkey-- I did it , My husband did it , My daughter did it
and you too can do it !
Good luck...........................By Debby Glennon


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author avatar Denise O
15th Jan 2011 (#)

I think you have a good approach on quiting here.
Love the new profile picture, you look marvelous!
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar debdebbdebby
16th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks Denise O.. well it worked for me -- only when i first did it i was on the war path to get every smoker to quit-- which made a lot of people mad so it took me 4 years to calm down my approach-- they all think you need them expensive drugs --lol-- but you dont kill one habit with another habit...
again thanks -- for reading i do love your time and comments -..<3 debby
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author avatar chipesterkhan
26th Jan 2011 (#)

hmmm good advice

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author avatar debdebbdebby
26th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks-- thats' just to start the getting started !!! but once you start -- you will not want to go back... and thank- you for reading ...
☻/ This is deb,... copy paste her on
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author avatar Steve Kinsman
13th Jun 2011 (#)

Very well done Deb. It took me a long time. I used an approach similar to what you advocate. Freedom! ...And, thank you!

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