Simple Ways to Have Quick Recovery From a Cold

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They say that there is no cure for a cold. This may be true when it is referred to drugs and patent medicines. But you can have quick recovery from a cold if you follow few simple steps as outlined here.

Cure for a Cold

Common cold, even if in mild form, can be very irritating. Proper care should be taken in time to aid your body in overcoming any cold infection. Otherwise, the lowered resistance that results may lead to complications like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema and other chronic ailments. Don’t get tempted by commercial ” cold remedies”. Such type of medicines will simply suppress symptoms and delay recovery. However there are number of natural ways by which you can have quick recovery from a cold. The following practices will greatly help to speed up recovery from this pernicious nuisance :

Bathe in warm water. Why ?This practice prevents the draining of body heat necessary for fighting against the disorder.

Walk briskly for ten minutes and then lie down in the corpse position for five minutes. Why ? This will improve blood circulation and bring body chemistry back to normal.

Follow the old maxim ” Feed a cold and starve a fever”. Why ? A victim of cold suffers loss of energy and hence needs as much calorie as possible from food to restore heat to the system. A fever, on the other hand, is excessive heat and thus little food should be given but more fluids to flush the system.

Keep the body well covered from throat to thigh. Feet should also be kept warm. Before going out into windy cold weather, plug the ears with small wads of cotton. Why ? This will restore body heat.

Sleep with the head at a lower height than the feet. Why ? This posture will increase flow of blood to the head.

Don’t take sour foods. Why ? Sour foods irritate the throat and increase coughing.

Never breathe through mouth. With the onset of symptoms of cold, lie down immediately and change breathing through nostrils. If your left nostril is working , lie down on your left side until your right nostril gets thoroughly open; and vice-versa. If the nostril refuses to change, plug it with a cotton ball. Why ? This procedure changes body chemistry by switching brain dominance from one hemisphere to another.

Sit facing a fire as long as comfortable. Why ? Apart from restoration of body heat, fire has a great power to draw toxins from the body in the form of perspiration.

Start the day with the mixture of one teaspoon honey and 1/4 tsp powdered black pepper. This should be followed by swallowing, and not chewing, one-half of a garlic clove with a glass of lukewarm water. The Swiss immerse a slice of raw onion in a glass of hot water and then sip the water. Why ? This adds heat to the system. Most importantly, garlic and onion are potent germicides which kill cold germs.

At the very moment you begin to feel the dry scratchy throat or running nose, start taking Vitamin C tablets along with increased quantity of lemon juice or fruit juice. Take initially 300 milligrams Vitamin C tablets every two hours for several hours. Why ? Vitamin C is very good for fighting against cold infection.

Blow both nostrils at the same time to get rid of soft mucous. Leave your mouth open and do not blow too forcefully. Why ? “ Honking” your nose or blowing only one nostril at a time may force cold germs into your inner ear or into your sinuses, making the situation worse.

Put just enough vinegar in a pot of boiling water to give off comfortably acid vapour. Inhale the acid vapour at the first sign of cold. Why ? The secretions of the nose are normally slightly acidic. But when a cold begins, they become alkaline and the throat becomes dry. An acid vapour will moisten the throat as well as the nasal passages and at the same time will kill the germs before they get embedded in the mucous membrane.

Place potted plants in your living room . Also, place a pot of water on top of a heater. Why ? Potted plants in your home will give off oxygen. Because of water vapour, the relative humidity will be higher. A high degree of moisture keeps down cold germs and keeps your mucous membrane moist enough to resist farther infection.

The bottom line : The only way to get rid of a common cold safely and quickly is to help your body cure itself.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
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I like the conclusion: "The only way to get rid of a common cold safely and quickly is to help your body cure itself."

I think it is also applicable to every ailment.

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18th Nov 2011 (#)

@ Rathnashikamani . Thank you so much !!

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Nice tips about curing th common cold! Thanks fir sharing!

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