Simple slimming tips

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We all know that reducing calorie intake is the most effective way to lose weight. However at times it may seem easier said than done. It can become a very obsessive and challenging task, that is why I feel it's best to 'ease' into this lifestyle change by simply choosing some healthy alternative.

Simple slimming tips

1. Swap semi skimmed milk (49 cal per 100ml) for Almond milk, it's only 24 calories per 100ml.

2. Look at the spread you use most sunflower and butter brands tend to be high in calories (40-70 cal per 10g) go for soya or olive instead (26-38 cal per 10g).

3. Remember that drinks contain calories too, every tea, coffee, fruit juice and fizzy drink can add a lot to your daily calorie intake. Why not try herbal teas instead, there is a wonderful selection of flavours to choose from and can even be served chilled.

4. Go for nimble or Danish bread, this is a lighter choice at only 48-65 calories per slice.

5. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruit, a medium apple is around 32 calories or go for a 'fruit pot', this is a selection of fruit in a convenient tub and is only 53 calories. Always select 'in fruit juice' and NOT syrup.

6. Crackers are a great alternative to crips, look for a low calorie brand such as Rakusen's 99% crackers (18 calories per cracker) or Melba toasts (13 calories per toast). Remember low calorie doesn't make it ok to eat more! Two or three would be more than enough.

7. It can be very difficult to give up chocolate, so to prevent falling of the wagon and eating a whole bar of high calorie brands opt for a square of dark 70% coco instead (about 20 calories per square).

8. After meals if you still feel hungry have a glass of water, sometimes we can mistake thirst for hunger.

9. Chew gum, I think this is a great way to stop snacking if its close to meal times.

10. Plan your day, know what you are going to eat, know when you get hungry and have a low calorie snack at that time. It is not a good idea to starve yourself, you'll only be more likely to give up if you do.


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