Six tips to rejuvenate sex life

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Modern sex life between a couple has become a great question mark. First of all the busy schedule of modern life style has made life a squeezed one. But we must realize that sex is also an essential part of life.

Six tips to rejuvenate sex life

Today, families are at a loss; divorces have increased by leaps and bounds; sex crimes have increased widely; and life in societies, especially in urban areas, has come to a standstill. Apparently our consumerist life and economic changes have caused sex a great damage. As an Indian author puts it, “The economic growth of the nation cannot be matched by an 8 to 10 per cent increase in sexual voracity.” Sex has to be handled carefully for the uplift of the family and the society.

Six tips to rejuvenate sex life
1) Develop good communication
Experts point out that lack of communication has created a wider gap between couples than it was in older times and that couples should talk about their needs to each other including sex. Communication is the best solution for sexual problems. The four letter word TALK should be able to strengthen another four letter word LOVE. Communication between couples about likes and dislikes and about erogenous zones will clear the hurdles in sex life.
2) Take estrogen rich foods
Deficiency in estrogen leads to dryness in the sex organs and make sex painful. Foods rich in estrogen, such as Soya beans, can be taken to increase estrogen. Garlic is good to dilate blood vessels in the pelvic region. Taking a balanced diet helps much.
3) Adapt sex enhancing methods
If lubrication is a problem water-based jellies or synthetic estrogen can be used with the guidance of the physician. More time should be spent in foreplay. As people grow in age, getting an erection in men and lubrication in women will make sex a slow process.
4) Enhance sex by mutual intimacy
Sex is not always necessary to be a physical intimacy that ends up in intercourse. Kissing, hugging, holding hands, cuddling, etc. can increase pleasure in love making. They should try for solutions through the guidance of a doctor.
5) Sex is a life-long affair
The misconception that sex should be stopped at menopause should be removed from minds and the real effect of good sex should be understood. Menopause is just an end to the reproduction career and not to the sexual life.
6) Ayurveda treatments can boost sex life
Ayurveda gives a treatment called Vajeekarana which helps to enhance sex. This treatment has no side effects as that of Viagra medicines. They are healthy exercises with regimen of diet. It has been practiced for thousands of years.

A good love life of sex is an important part of any marital life. When people are comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality, intimacy improves and relationships grow stronger. This enables to have a healthier society.


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