Skin Care is a Perennial Affair

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Skin is the largest organ in the body. Caring the skin is very important. Negligence in skin care may lead to various diseases. Skin care is a perennial affair.

Skin care neglected

It may be a surprise to find out that the skin is the largest organ of the body which covers and protects everything inside the body. It might be funny to imagine a body without skin with muscles, bones, and organs hanging out all over the body. Skin holds everything together, protects the whole body, helps keep the body at the right temperature and allows to be aware of the sense of touch.

Skin care is essential

Skin care is an important affair throughout the year, since change of seasons affects the condition of the skin and causes troubles. You have to know your skin and how it reacts to the changes of weather since every season demands you to take care of your skin in a different way. The windy fall, the cold winter and the hot summer have impacts on your skin.

Normal aging affects skin by making it wrinkled and spotted. Skin also gets aged by various other factors such as your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. Habits such as smoking and facial movement affect skin condition. Infections and rashes also affect the skin easily.

Summer care of skin

Summer presents unique skin care challenges with heat and UV rays. Overexposure to the sun light can dry the skin and potentially cause damage of burning.

There are many moisturizers and skin remedies that you can prepare at home without much expense.

1) Protect your skin by using traditional skin care products to nourish and protect the skin

2) Try using some of the natural moisturizers as an antidote to free radical damage, since they are in pure and unadulterated form.

3) Natural skin care products are good food for the skin since they do not contain chemical additives.

4) Coconut oil makes an excellent skin conditioner by adding it to natural creams and lotions. It is absorbed into the skin easily and even adds a slight natural sheen to the skin. It protects the skin from the sun by screening about 20% of UV exposure.

5) Macadamia nut oil serves as a good skin conditioner with its ingredient palmitoleic acid that acts as a fatty acid, absorbed into the skin without actually clogging any of the pores.

Make your skin glow in the winter snow

Winter months also are a challenge to the skin by making it itchy, dull, and uncomfortable. Exposure to the chill winds as well as the change in temperature when you move out from heated buildings to cold atmosphere makes your skin dry and parched.

6) Plan and prepare a winter skin regimen with ceramide-based moisturizers to lock skin’s moisture.This keeps skin supple and helps the skin retain hydration for a long time.

7) Wear proper dress that can keep your skin warm. Wearing gloves and socks may also be necessary. Wet and cold weather can leave the skin in an unhealthy state.

Many people do not care about their skin since skin diseases are not so serious as to be fatal. But these skin conditions cause stress and other problems. No doubt, skin care is a perennial affair.


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Good tips on skin care and why it is important year round.

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Thank you Guruji

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