Sleep: How to Block Out Noise Using Noise

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Getting a peaceful and good night's sleep can be difficult for most people because of outside noise. Try using noise to block out noise. It really works!

Sleep: How to Block Out Noise Using Noise

Getting a restful and good night sleep is extremely important and essential to our health. There are countless studies on how good sleep or the lack of sleep can affect every aspect of our body's system and brain function.

I personally have tried over the years several ways to block out noise. If your job requires you to work different shifts, live in the city, or next to a busy street then you are all too familiar like I am with how it seems to be impossible to get any kind of quality sleep.

When you are trying to get to sleep, the outside noise can become extremely frustrating and even maddening at times. I became so frustrated and desperate that I considered digging a six-foot hole in my backyard, throwing a mattress in the bottom and then sealing off the top.

There are various reasons why people are not able to get a good night’s sleep which may need to be looked into by a professional but, if it’s outside noise that keeps you awake than I have some good ideas. Some have worked and others have not.

Here are the methods I have tried.


Earplugs block out some noise but defiantly not enough. They also hurt my ears after wearing them for several hours, and they can become unsanitary. I discovered very quickly that they simply just do not work well enough.


There are quality brands of headphones that will block out noise. Headphones will also start to hurt your ears, and if you are like me, I toss and turn a few times during my sleep, and they end up falling off. Headphones defiantly are not an option.

White Noise

The best way to block out noise, in my opinion, is using what is referred to as, white noise. The sound white noise makes is a constant static sound much like a radio or TV station that is off air.

White noise is so soothing and hypnotic that parents have used it to calm and put fussy babies to sleep.

You can even buy white noise machines, and they come with a variety of sounds such as; wind, rain, storms, waterfalls, babbling brooks and ocean sounds. In my opinion, these types' of sounds are relaxing, but they just did not provide the contestant unchanging sound that blocks out the outside noises.

If you buy a white noise machine, make sure it comes with the fan and the static sound track.


I have been using the fan method for several years now and highly recommend you try it.

An ordinary fan has the simple constant sound that blends in and blocks out most of the noise around you. The sleeper quickly tunes out the sound of the fan and because of the fan's sound frequency most of the outside noises blend in resulting in a peaceful quiet sleep.

It is important to note, that you should point the fan or sound machine toward where the noise is coming from. For example, if you can hear noises outside your window point the machine towards the window. If you are trying to block out someone snoring then put the fan or sound machine between both of you on top of the headboard pointed away from the other person, or you can hang the speaker between both of you.

In conclusion

Sleep is a vital key to a long and healthy life. Once you start getting a good night's sleep, you will begin to notice that your overall performance will improve, you will have more energy, and you will notice a tremendous change in your moods, your daily routine and your life.

Sleep well and Goodnight.

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