Sleep Paralysis

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What is Sleep Paralysis? When does it happen? How to overcome it? Know everything about this very rare condition.

Understanding the Condition

Sleep paralysis has been around as long as humans have. For those of you who don’t know what sleep paralysis is, it is a state in which an individual feels fully conscious, but cannot move and is usually accompanied by negative (scary) hallucinations and visuals. The hallucinations seem so real; many people have been known to suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress after having sleep paralysis. In the olden days it was considered in many cultures to be the work of demons; especially since most of the hallucinations experienced consisted of demon-like entities. In more modern times, some consider it to be a disease and it may be associated with diseases. However, the average healthy person has been known to experience this phenomenon.

Causes of Sleep Paralysis

The causes of sleep paralysis are not fully understood, but scientists do have theories that don’t involve extra terrestrials. During sleep, the stage during which the brain rests is called the REM (Rapid-Eye-Movement) stage. REM sleep is the deepest form of sleep. No bodily repairs or dreaming occur during this stage, it is a stage of pure rest for the brain. In the REM stages, scientists believe there is a period where the body is completely paralyzed. Therefore, they assume that if one wakes up during this paralysis time-frame, and there is a coincidental delay between the brain awakening and regaining control of the body, sleep paralysis occurs.

The other widely accepted explanation for sleep paralysis is from the opposite side of the spectrum. Those who believe in astral projection attribute sleep paralysis to something entirely different. Astral believers have a completely different idea about sleep. They view the physical body as a shell for an astral body, something like a soul. When sleeping, they believe that this astral “soul” exits its physical prison, which is their explanation for dreams, lucid dream, OBEs and various other unexplained mysteries of sleep. Sleep paralysis from their point of view is simply that there is an error in the separation of the astral and physical body, and the astral body is trapped inside.

I quite honestly believe that there isn’t much of a debate here. For one thing, we don’t even know for sure that there is extraterrestrial life. Although I’m open minded to the fact that this is a possibility, why would they purposely try to induce sleep paralysis on us humans? I can’t see it as being of any benefit to their studies or species. I couldn’t even see it being used as a form of entertainment, considering if they have the technology to do something as advanced as inducing sleep paralysis, there are certainly more fun things they could be doing with us. Aliens are cool and all, but I think either science or religion best explain this one.


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