Slimply Slim, not so simple.

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My weight-loss experience with “Simply Slim”. Not just another diet pill.

A lesson learnt

My whole life I have been in battle against overweight. Living a yoyo life, losing weight, picking up weight, losing, picking up, but always picking up more than losing, thus getting bigger and bigger.

Naturally I would try out all types of weight loss mediums, from diet recipes to appetite suppressants, to rigorous exercise programs. And while I am following a dieting regimen I would loose weight, but I have never been able to maintain the regime, ending up falling back to old habits and regaining everything that I had lost plus a couple of extra kg’s.

Then a couple of months ago I heard of this diet pill that would help you loose weight without following a diet or exercising. They guaranteed your money back if you didn’t loose and maintain that loss of 10kg’s by the end of seven months. So I thought, since I have tried so many others, I could try this one as well, although it was a little on the expensive side.

So I started with my latest effort in weight loss using the latest sliming tablets on the market called “Simply Slim”.

The first day didn’t go so well, I felt a little lightheaded, weak and slightly nauseous. It did suppress my appetite though which, on the other hand, was great because normally the moment I put food in my mouth I just want to keep stuffing my face.

Luckily, the sick feeling only lasted the first day and so I continued my normal day to day activities, except for drinking one capsule every morning plus extra water. Oh, and smaller portions of food at each mealtime that I subscribe to the extra water and no hungering for snacks in between. Yippy.

By the end of the second month I had lost 6 kg’s, wonderful! Then the “still-stand” occurred, which always happens when one is trying to loose weight and as I had been expecting it, it was no big deal. I just needed a little change to my routine to re-start the process. So for the next month I didn’t loose anything but I didn’t gain anything either, which once again was great, as sometimes one would gain a little weight directly after a “still-stand” before starting to loose again.

My next weight loss period went much slower as I only lost 1 kg during the fourth month, but then came the scare. One Sunday, watching a journalistic TV show called Carte Blanche, I learnt that some users of “Simple Slim” were experiencing serious health problems. Apparently “Simply Slim” contains a substance called “Synephrine”, also known as “Bigarade Orange” that has some serious side effects.

Side effects such as these; insomnia, headaches, hypertension, strokes, angina, ischemic colitis, mood altering, sensitivity to light, just to name a few, were mentioned.

Strokes and angina aren’t anything to play with, so although I hadn’t up to that point experienced any of the symptoms described I decided to err on the safe side and stopped using “Simply Slim”. Unfortunately, since then, I have regained all that I had lost and then some.

In the meantime “Simply Slim” has been re-launched with a “new and improved formula”, a natural herbal mix. It still contains “Synephrine” that is identified as “Citrus Aurantium.

It’s funny how we accept that anything that is “natural” “herbal” is good and healthy, never considering that the very essence of specific herbs combined with others, or even on their own, can be very dangerous for one’s health. I guess there is a lesson to be learnt here, either accept what we are and learn to live with it, otherwise get professional help, that’s what GP’s are there for.


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author avatar Denise O
27th Nov 2010 (#)

So true, we think oh it's a herb, it has to be good.
we really need to becareful with them.
Like some herbs will effect certain meds.
Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Tranquilpen
5th May 2011 (#)

Hello Delightfulmare, my heart goes out to you. I was doing the yoyo thing my whole life until I started the high protein and fat diet and green tea. CARBOHYDRATES is what does it. Cut out the carbs and that's it. No more starving and eating only tasteless fibrous foods. Don't take my word for it, do the research, Eat only what cavemen ate for millions of years. God bless.

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author avatar Shay
13th Feb 2013 (#)

Very scary stuff i was a yo yo yo yo yo Dieter for EVER!! and to tell you all the truth its NOT to say our fault but at the same time we learn whats good and bad and we still reach for the BAD STUFF!! I lost over 110lbs on my own with no trainer with no magic pills and nothing you can by will save your life but your self!! What i did changed my blood sugar my cholesterol my doctors were amazed at what i had did for myself and I was SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired and self loathing Nothing can stand in your way you just have to have the will and drive Nothing worth and ounce of happiness is easy and I have seen beautiful people save their own lives!! Anyone looking to save them selves look no further then your own garden !! Their is real magic in Fruits and Vegetables!! Dont tell yourself you need this or you need that b/c if you have any problems then you dont and your just a LIER!! You need to learn how to change for yourself and life you only get one stop taking yourself for granted!!!

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