Small Changes Lead to Gradual Weightloss

Laurie Childree By Laurie Childree, 22nd Oct 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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In the last two years I had begun noticing steady weight gain. I found that my new lifestyle was putting the weight on but with a few minor changes it began slowly coming off.

Altering My Drinking Habits

My coffee isn't something I intend to give up, but I managed to alter the way that drink my coffee. I know use no-calorie sweetener instead of sugar. I gave up both milk and creamer to drink it black.

Soda wasn't something I kept in the house until we moved here, and there was someone bringing me extra large sodas at least once a day for a while. We went back to only having soda as a treat when we go out which keeps up both much thinner.

I have a problem with water and was used to tea at mealtime. Now I rarely drink anything but hot tea with sweetener but my cold tea is typically sweet because I only drink a glass or two each day out of the pitcher which lasts about a week in this house. Now I buy flavor packets that only add 5 calories per glass of water and drink that instead.

Altering What We Eat

Actually, all we did was stop having dinner with other people that cooked differently. We also went back to eating what we prefer which includes a lot of stir fry, and only the only occasional fatty foods and eating out.

By allowing sweets back in the house (even when I have to hide some of them) we eat less of them at once. My littl girl's stomach is better since she treats herself instead of trying to eat all of the treats at once.

I typically drink a glass of water before and while I eat. Portion sizes are carefully measured and I eat slower now that it's just the two of us and I'm not trying to get away from anyone.

I keep popcorn and low calorie flavoring on hand for it. We make it on the stove then add our flavor of choice, at a maximum of two additional calories per serving.

As a general rule I bake the meat, and we avoid adding additional oils and butters to our food.

Added Exercise

I no longer own a car and I do not ask the neighbors for rides. I have begun walking two to six miles each week. I accomplished this going for groceries. I would like to purchase a bicycle, though. It would make it easier to carry purchases and I could let the baby ride with me. Provided I find a way to get her on it safely.


I am gradually losing the weight that I have gained during the last couple of years with these changes. I would like to continue losing weight. The Nurse Practitioner told me that I can safely take Ali to aid my efforts. I am trying to save the money for it now. The bottle is $60 for the refill kit and I cannot find anything that costs less.

Meeting my weight loss goal is going to take some time but by losing it slowly I can lose some of the worry of gaining it back.


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