Smart Way of Facing Life's Challenges

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How do you cope with life's challenges? A problem is a part of daily challenges. Every problem requires solution, and every solution necessitates decision. I am sharing with you an effective technique in facing challenges . . .

How do you perceive a problem?

A problem is a part of life. It is a difficulty encountered while meeting a necessity, a want or a dream. A challenge is considered as a problem when it affected us. When the realization of the “necessity” is important to us, we consider the problem as significant one. On the other hand, when it is only a “want” that we can do without, the challenge is only slight. But, nevertheless, it gives us stress.

A puzzle. That’s another way we can look at the problem we are facing. While being challenge with the puzzle, we sometimes spend sleepless night, just to find the right move. We need more effort, time and resources, just to solve the puzzle. By continuously finding solutions to the problems at hand, it eventually sharpens our mind.

How to effectively deal with a challenge

We need to face our problems squarely. And, we need to be solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. By being solution-oriented, our focus should be to find the root-cause so that proper solution can be made. We also need to look for solutions, not to blame those who are causing the problems. If we are problem-oriented, eventually, the problem will grow bigger and bigger, until we can hardly cope with it.

I pity those persons, who, when they experience failure due to an erroneous decision, they try to blame others just to be free from the consequence. By doing so, they are creating more problems. Should they take their failure as a challenge, the burden will be lighter and they might probably find the right key in ironing the grease.

In my line of work as development worker, we always face a lot of work-related challenges. I once had a co-worker, who oftentimes, told me when my suggestion did not work well, that “You made me do it!” (as if she do not have a mind of her own) trying to pass the blame on me. For me, once you accepted my suggestions, and you implement them, it is now your decision, and you’ll be responsible for its consequence.

Every problem requires solution, and every solution necessitates decision. We must be responsible for decisions we make, big or small, to prevent the creation of more problems.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
1st Oct 2014 (#)

Good points and well said. I can't count the number of times someone has begged me to make a decision and then blamed me for the result or got mad because I said, "OK, here's what we're going to do." Life is too short. People should both take responsibility and accept consequences of actions. Life would be better overall if those two things happened more often.

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author avatar Smileworld
1st Oct 2014 (#)

That's true, Phyl. There are really people in this world who always pass the buck when problems come as a result of a decision. I just hope that they will also learn to be responsible for the consequence of their decisions and actions

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