Smoking: Should It be Banned

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Smoking: should it be banned completely? or should we only impose some restrictions on its use.

Smoking: should it be banned?

Before Saying anything, I’d like to first say that I am a very happy non – smoker and I don’t wish to offend anyone- smoker or non smoker by means of this article. This is my personal opinion and suggestions and comments are welcome.
It has become glamorous in today’s world to condemn smoking. Now even though i personally feel and acknowledge that smoking is harmful, i would not like to see complete ban on smoking. Let us analyse what is the case.

Smoking: Should not be banned completely

The Individual right to privacy: Every individual has a right for his/her own privacy. He or she can decide whether to smoke or not. Obviously as smoking is harmful for passive smokers as well, it should be banned in public places. However there is absolutely no reason to ban it in private places. There is concern for passive smokers in the individual’s home as well but that too can be addressed by smoking away from children and proper ventilation. In Many countries including U.S.A, there are many laws for prevention of health abuse of the child by parents. For example: Child, Family and Community Service Act and Children’s Protective Service can easily protect the children’s health from being neglected by their parents. If we want to ban smoking if it is harmful to health, We may as well pass laws which prohibit people from eating too much, or working all night and sleeping less or taking on high-stress jobs. All these are harmful but no one is asking for Ban on it.

As a Relaxant: Smoking undoubtedly helps many people to relax. Whenever people are under stress, they smoke to reduce the tension. And it is harmful but what about anti-depressant drugs. You take 10 tablets of Valium at once and you are almost sure to die, but even if u take ten cigarettes, you would not die. For some, it even improves concentration. Many people like to smoke before exams or when they are relaxing with friends. It acts as a good socializer as well.

As a source of revenue and Jobs: Tobacco industry is a very good source for income for nations across the world. Governments throughout the world make huge profits from levying heavy taxes on cigarettes. Taxes on cigarettes is highest in almost countries and it is also justified as it causes health expenditure for the government. However, this provides funds which are used for building schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure especially for the developing countries. The tobacco industry also employs millions of people throughout the world, particularly in poorer countries like Cuba.

Now what if smoking were to be banned completely. The ban would simply give incentives to organized criminals who now control drugs market to come in field of cigarette. We all know that drugs are banned, but still all of know someone who is on drugs.Smoking is not as harmful as drugs, but a much bigger market. Now Criminals who control drug market now, would take over cigarette as well the money might end up financing terrorists and other such activities. Also the current smokers would turn towards drugs and other forms of substance abuse if smoking is to banned completely.

Smoking: Should be banned

Passive Smokers: Smokers inhale approximately 10% of the smoke from the cigarettes . Where does the other 90% go? Right into the atmosphere. Smoke which arises when a person smokes a cigarette,bidi or cigar is more hazardous to a passive smoker(the smoke being unfiltered) who is in close vicinity of the smoker. We can say that everyone is a smoker,because smoking refers to the practice of inhaling smoke from the burning of tobacco etc. In this world of increasing population density, we are more likely to be in the vicinity of someone who smokes

Diseases: Smoking causes umpteen number of diseases and other harmful effects. Several pulmonary diseases such as cough, bronchitis and Lung cancer can occur as a consequence of smoking- both active and passive. Studies worldwide have confirmed that there is a great association of lung cancer to smoking. In fact smoking account for more than 95% of lung cancer worldwide.

Smoking: The Way forward

Creating awareness among the youth: Youth should be made aware about the bad effects of smoking. Non smokers should remain so and smokers should become non smokers. Social media can be used for promoting Non smoking campaign. No Smoking Day is an another idea which has been implemented in many countries like U.K with great success. Recently U.N banned smoking tobacco leaves in bolivia to protect the youth.

Increasing taxes: Taxes on cigarettes should be increased so that it becomes unaffordable to young college going smokers. even if they don’t quit smoking completely, they are likely to smoke less as a result of increased costs.

Banned for minors: smoking should be banned for minors and every cigarette packet should have a proclaimed statutory warning on the packet. It is already being implemented in many countries. India which has the one of the largest smoking population in the world is all set to implement visual warnings on the cigarette packets. After implementing these measures, a smoker is smoking with his/her own consent fully knowing all the ill effects and should be allowed to do so, but not in public places.
So we can say that smoking cannot be stopped completely, but it can be limited by restricting the smoker to his bedroom or bathroom with proper guidelines for safety of children. This would drastically bring a drop in the number of smokers specially the youth who get swayed easily by seeing their neighborhood role model smoking. If we decrease the number of smokers in our youth, then only we can reduce the number of smokers in future.

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author avatar ShaneCold
5th Dec 2011 (#)

Nicely Written and Presents both sides beautifully. Good Work

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author avatar Amy
5th Dec 2011 (#)

Well, its almost impossible to quit once you are smoking even though you know all the ill effects of it.. I guess Smoking for some is necessary evil- u know it will kill u but u can't live without it as well

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author avatar vpaulose
6th Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you dear friend for friendship

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author avatar Buzz
6th Dec 2011 (#)

I'm a smoker and have now tried electronic cigarette. Good write.

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