Smoking Using Shisha Hookah Pipes and Some of Its Side Effects

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This article is about Smoking Using Shisha Hookah Pipes and Some of Its Side Effects

Smoking Using Shisha Hookah Pipes and Some of Its Side Effects

When smoking, you do not necessary need to hold a stick on your hand since there are other techniques. Some of these have to do with pipes and usually they are very addictive. It is a little bit difficult for a person to quit from smoking if fond of using smoking pipes. Shisha hookah is one of the very common materials used in making smoking pipes. One can shop them in ebay through online orders or any other online store. Recently according to the research, smoking using shisha hookah pipes has been found to be one of the common and widely spread smoking procedure.

The only complication with shisha hookah pipes is that not many people are fully aware of what they are. If you fall a victim of not knowing how to do smoking with shisha hookah, let your friend who seems to be familiar with this to teach you to avoid unnecessary disasters. As you may know, tobacco is one substance many people use whenever they do smoking and it is due to their little knowledge concerning its side effects to the body. In some situations, you may find that you grew up seeing people engaging in aladin smoking hardly knowing exactly what they were smoking.

A report on smoking across the world reveals that shisha hookah smoking is less prevalent as compared to cigarette smoking. This does not make shisha hookah a favorite smoking choice for you. When looking at the effects hookah smoking can subject your body to, they are more inevitable as compared to those caused by cigarettes. The report also continues to disclose that there is a large number of ladies and gentlemen who have not succeeded quitting from shisha smoking. They have actually taken their roots in smoking deeper up to a point that they can hardly realize some of the harmful effects of smoking using these pipes.

Many people have been trapped into shisha hookah smoking and the reason is not knowing what exactly shisha is. This is a tobacco pipe attached to another tube which is flexible enough connected to a container holding tobacco. The tobacco in the container is properly kept and always cooled with water which continually passes through it. If you fall into this kind of a predicament, pray hard to get out of it since it is hard to realize what you are doing when tobacco starts to enter into your veins. It is found that shisha smokers inhale a lot of tobacco smoke which is 200 times more than in cigarette smoking.

The shisha smoke contains a lot of disastrous chemicals which are capable of causing cancer and some other heart diseases. These can be seen in various forms but the bottom-line is that, quitting is the best option. People have lost lives from these kinds of diseases caused by smoking including cancer on the liver alongside experiencing chest problems. Breathing becomes difficult when somebody starts to experience the negative effects of smoking and this should send an urgent call of quitting from such a habit.

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
14th Nov 2012 (#)

Medically speaking, smoking with a wate-pipe does nothing whatever to reduce the harmful effects of smoking. It 'feels' cooler - but all the tar and nicotine is getting into the lungs in exactly the same way as it does when smoking in other ways... no matter what is being smoked.

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