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In conclusion, I hope that every father or mother or teacher to direct tips and lectures for each smoker chimney even quit smoking.


Smoking of the oldest phenomena in the world, has spread and increased dramatically in the present age, especially among boys and girls in adolescence, and that the lack of control of parents for their children, may be the reason that the father or mother or teacher of smokers, starts teenager simulated in this phenomenon wrong with the parents and the teacher are the role models for future generations if they smoke Where the example in that?!
We already know that smoking damages many healthy teeth and the first lung cancer, which has spread dramatically in these days, and tuberculosis also, lack of appetite, yellowing of the face and teeth and poor memory as it returns to laziness, but Strha, and also non-health damage no financial harm and especially to his limited income or poor families opted adolescents and teenagers to foul tactics to bring in money, such as theft and fraud, Smoking ruins of houses and dispersal of the family father smoked may shorten in the right of his wife and children, and not less than the seriousness of maternal smoking, especially when she is pregnant. As he says: (and Atelqgua yourselves into destruction) (Sura 195) has shown numerous studies that children of mothers who smoke consume Alnyukitin through breast milk and result in crying more than others and also observed a lack of rate of milk production in mothers who smoke may cause the child some diseases including (nausea - colic - Sensitivity - sudden death).

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