Snow Times

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How often do you let layers of rubbish get in the way of you being who you really are? What would it feel like to be authentically yourself?

Snow Times

We have had a lot of snow recently. Whilst the world got whiter and whiter I enjoyed seeing the landmarks that I recognise get covered in layers of snow and frost. Overnight, the landscape changed under a blanket of glistening snow.

I enjoyed seeing the usually recognisable landscape get evened out under the uniform whiteness of the snow. Even physical differences in height or shape seem to get equalised under the downy white blanket.

The snow made a short term appearance, and then disappeared almost as quickly as it came. The only evidence of it ever being here is the smudgy grey tide mark along the side of the roads and a few displaced carrots left over from snowman noses.

Once the thaw started, life got back to normal incredibly quickly, and soon it is as if the snow had never been here at all.

The snow and the layering up it brings got me thinking. As the world around me got covered up and I got physically covered up in jumpers, hats and scarves, I wondered how many things I cover up about my soul?

Over the years I suspect that my true heart has been blanketed in a snow storm of unnecessary layers. They have appeared over time from family, school, friends, work and the world around me.

How many of those layers do I really need to have there? Am I keeping them just because I think I will be more acceptable if I am the same as everyone else? How many do I blindly accept because I have never really thought about whether they serve my best purpose? Do the layers really let me breathe and live?

As the snow melts, and I recognise landmarks again, and the world around me regains its individuality, I ask myself whether it would be a good thing to let some of the layers around my heart de-frost. Maybe it would be a good thing to let my uniqueness shine in the world?

Why cover yourself up? Let your true self shine, and let the world see who you really are.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Nice piece!

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author avatar Soul Purpose
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Hi Fern
Thanks for all your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond. Thank you.

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author avatar CF Winn
1st Sep 2013 (#)

Beautiful and thought provoking post. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Soul Purpose
1st Sep 2013 (#)

Hi Fern, thanks.

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