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Soap operas can be entertaining as well emotionally educate the viewer.In my own experience and that of my friends, soap operas can help you heal and deal with emotions in a good way.

The Power Of Soap

I am here to enforce the fact that soap operas can be entertaining as well emotionally educate the viewer. I have had my fair share of emotional issues from bullying at school and weight gain at college to dealing with depression following the loss of my Uncle a few years ago and recently I have been helping a friend deal with the breakdown of her marriage following infidelity (on his part). While looking into the different counselling Brighton has to offer and eventually finding a counsellor that was right for me earlier this year, I noticed that I related a lot of my emotions to soap opera scenarios during our sessions. While the counselling was very much essential to my healing, it did make me realise that throughout my teenage years I had relied quite heavily on soap operas to educate me emotionally and in fact, found my own way out of the various problems I faced at school and college with the help of my favourite soap operas. When I shared this observation with my friends over cocktails last week, all of them had a soap opera that had helped them in some way and talked about them passionately. Here are just a few of the favourites discussed:

One Tree Hill Marathon

Having only accidentally landed onto an episode of this series from time to time I never truly understood what was happening but it all seemed very dramatic and exciting. Did Payton ever sleep with Lucas while he was with Brooke? And why does Nathan hate his dad so much? So, recently I decided to watch it from the beginning; all nine series of it! Clearly, this wasn’t possible in a day but I basically watched it at every opportunity and completed the lot within a month – wow! It was an emotional month and I cried a lot. Each episode seemed to relate in some way to my own life even though, in reflection, that is a ridiculous notion. I, of course, do not have a father in-law who killed my husband’s uncle or a psychotic long lost fake brother stalker who wants to sleep with me. Far from it, my life is pretty dull in comparison! But the script was poetic, the visuals inspiring and the music thought-provoking. Even my husband got hooked in at one point, until I was way ahead of him and he got lost again. I came out the other end of One Tree Hill marathon feeling wiser and more emotionally equipped for any eventuality the world might throw at me.

Eastenders Mends Us

Don’t deny it, we have all been hooked on this show at one point in our lives or reluctantly been forced to endure the misery of the street at Christmas. The place where burying your husband alive and sleeping with your son’s girlfriend is the norm, we give you Eastenders ladies and gentleman! I have managed to avoid the storyline for long enough to remain unhooked for a while now but I am sure they will catch me again down the line. Several of my friends remembered significant storylines from this show and related them to a time in their life when they needed the inspiration to put things right; well-done Eastenders! The reassuring light amidst the surface misery in this show is that the characters eventually communicate a moral message and lesson to be learned.

Hollyoaks for the Blokes

I am sure there are equal genders watching this show and someone will soon prove me wrong but anytime I have glanced upon it there seems to be a lot of scantily clad blonde ladies with fake tan. Don’t get me wrong there have been some fit men on this show; all sigh as we think about Calvin Valentine’s six pack with a police uniform to boot! But ultimately this show seems to be more masculine and cover some issues perhaps men may be embarrassed to discuss with their friends or family. When we eventually do have children (hint hint to my husband Richie) I would be at least reassured that there is an eventual victory and strong message in the storylines despite the ridiculous level of drama and unnecessarily provocative outfits. I will also get the opportunity to pretend I am reluctantly enjoying it with them. I do wish there was a little less drinking and sex though, it all makes my existence seem pretty tame. Let’s have one more moment of silence for Calvin’s six pack…mmmmmmm.

Counselling Still Reigns

All of the above said, if you are an empathetic sensitive lady like myself, too much drama on one of these shows can cause more emotional stress. The month that I watched One Tree Hill I definitely reacted more dramatically to day to day issues and cried very easily. I also analysed my relationship in comparison to Nathan and Hayley and decided that Richie should buy me a keyboard so that I can become a famous singer and tour the world! This alongside the fact that I am obsessed enough to write an entire blog on the subject, just so I feel justified and watch my soap operas with minimum guilt or embarrassment is quite frankly worrying. When I searched for like-minded articles on the matter I was surprised to discover that soap opera addiction is a genuine problem. One blogger confessed to her addiction and often used the excuse that watching soap operas was a moral obligation to stay "in touch" so that she could see what the rest of the world was thinking. Therefore, I would reiterate that while soap operas can provide an empathetic way of elevating stress and a great place to channel your anxieties, there is no doubt that it was my counselling in Brighton that helped me develop a sustainable way to keep my depression at bay. I recently recommended the same counsellor to my friend going through her separation and she is finally turning a corner – it is great to see her smile again. Whatever it is you are going through asking for help is the first step and there are so many counselling services available. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy your favourite show guilt free – you deserve it.

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading! Speaking of girls with fake tan in Hollyoaks, please also check out my article on the dangers of tanning booths and follow me on Twitter if you dare!


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