Some Easy Tips on How to Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain can ruin your mood and concentration so let's see how you can solve this problem.


You are playing with your children and you suddenly feel this strong, stabbing pain in your lower back! Do not panic. These kinds of situations are more common than you think. Back pain is the most common pain that plagues people all over the world and the reason behind it can be quite simple, but once the pain starts, you must endure through it. While the reasons can be of a more serious, medical nature, it is usually something much simpler.

Your bed is your friend

We sleep a lot. An average adult sleeps for at least 7-8 hours a day and during that time, while our imagination takes us into faraway lands, our bodies are in our beds. That is why we must pay special attention to the quality of our mattresses and pillows. Not only must they be made from high quality materials, but they also must be adjusted to our unique physique. Our heads must be held in the most neutral position, and even though we lie on our backs or bellies, the most relaxing position is actually on our sides – our spine in a slightly bent position. This will put the least possible pressure on your spire and your muscles, making your night sleep pass undisrupted. In the morning, you should feel refreshed and your body will thank you for it. All you need is a little investment, but it will pay off, because you won’t ever have to worry about back pain.

Buy quality shoes

Our feet are the most underappreciated part of our body. During the whole day, we abuse them and our body weight rests solely on them. While our spine is busy trying to keep us upright and holding our extremities in place, our feet are tightly connected to the spine, in the sense that both of them must keep us from falling down. They work together against gravity on an unconscious level. That is why, if one suffers, the other one will too. If you are a woman and are forced to wear high heels, you know what I am talking about. High heels may look attractive and they make your calves look irresistible, but it all puts an additional burden on our spine, especially our lower back.
Muscles work extra hard to keep us from not falling, while the feet are not firmly on the ground. This causes strains in the lumbar muscles, which produces this unforgettable sensation called back pain. Choosing the right shoes is very important. Even if you are a man working in shoes, you must not forget the importance of your feet. They must have enough room to breathe - the platform must not be too high and if possible, always try to wear sneakers. That may look unprofessional, but your back will thank you for them. Invest a few dollars more into some quality footwear, to prevent any pain from occurring in your feet or in your back.

Exercising and stretching

Our bodies work best when we are on the move - it’s just how they evolved to function as it was the only way to stay alive for thousands of years. All of a sudden, speaking in historical terms, we have effective shelter, an abundance of food and no real need to move around much to provide for our families. These days it is not uncommon for an average person to spend multiple hours sitting at a desk at school or work, only to come home and sit down in front of the TV or computer to relax, before going to bed. With only a limited amount of time to stretch out your legs and crack your bones during the day, it’s easy to see why chronic back pain is such a huge problem in modern society.
We can deal with this issue by increasing our physical activity throughout the day. Some simple changes are enough to ensure that your body is on the move enough so that your posture is not jeopardized and that you avoid back and joint pain. Take the time to wash the dishes and do some other low intensity household chores every day and go for a short walk. It’s a good idea to get your body warmed up with some light cardio for 5-10 minutes and doing some strength building exercises before stretching for about 15 minutes. A basic bodyweight workout consisting of a couple of push up variations, squats, pullups or chinups, and a couple of ab exercises won’t take more than 30-40 minutes to perform, so it’s not like you can’t make the time to do it. You only need to squeeze in a workout like this 2-3 times a week to notice a decent amount of improvement. Add a few basic stretches or an effective yoga routine a couple of times a day and your back troubles will be as good as gone.

What if the pain still appears?

Just remember that the doctor is your friend. If you experience back pain, visit your physician and he will offer some solutions for you. While medications are the quickest way for relieving pain, there are some other, alternative methods. In any case, prevention is much better. This is why you must take care of your body, sleep, eat well, take plenty of rest, make some time to exercise with your friends or by yourself and your health will not fail you. However, heavy exercise with improper form and little time for recovery can also cause injury, so train smart. If the problem persists after a month of training and taking all the necessary precautions, visit a physician. It is best to catch serious back problems early on, so that they can be treated relatively effectively and so you don’t make matters worse by putting too much stress on an injured spine.


Chronic back pain is one of the biggest easily avoidable problems that people face in the modern world. It comes down to lifestyle choices and prioritizing your health. So take some precautions, keep this advice in mind and watch your posture.


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