Some Observations For People To Know When They Are Overeating

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• Food should have a pleasant taste while it’s being eaten, but should not taste afterward. If it does, it is a sign of indigestion following overeating, or else it indicates improper combinations or very poor cooking. Possibly the food was taken when there was no desire for it, which is always a mistake. Maybe too many foods were combined in the meal, or it may be that there was not enough mouth preparation. It is generally due to overeating.

Observations for overeating

• The eruption of gas and gas in the bowels are indications of overeating. More food is taken than can be digested. A part of it ferments and gas is a product of fermentation. A very small amount of gas in the alimentary tract is natural, but when there is belching or rumbling of gas in the intestines, this is a sign of indigestion, which may be so mild that the individual is not aware of it, or it may be so bad that he can think of little else. When there is a formation of much gas it is always necessary to reduce the food intake and to give special attention to the chewing of all starch-containing aliments. Starch digests in an alkaline medium, and if it is taken with much acid by those whose digestive power is weak, the result is fermentation instead of digestion.

• People should never eat enough to experience a feeling of sluggishness. They should quit eating before they are full. If there is a desire to sleep after meals, too much food has been ingested. When drowsiness possesses us after meals we have eaten so much that the digestive organs require so much blood that there is not enough left for the brain. The digestive organs appropriate the needed amount of blood and the brain refuses to do its best when deprived of its normal supply of oxygen and nourishment.

• A muddy skin, possibly acned, is another sign of overeating. It shows that the food intake is so great that the body tries to eliminate too many of the solids through the skin which becomes irritated from this cause and the too acid state of the system and then there is inflammation. Many forms of eczema and some other great skin diseases are caused by stomach disorders and an overcrowded nutrition. There is a limit to the skin’s excretory ability, and when it is exceeded, skin disease resulted.

• Dull eyes and a greenish color of the whites of the eyes point toward the digestive disturbances due to an oversupply of food. The green color comes from bile thrown into the blood when the liver is overworked. The liver is never overtaxed unless the consumption of food is excessive.

• He who eats too rapidly or in excess does not know what true enjoyment of food is. Excessive eating causes food poisoning, and food poisoning blunts all the special senses. To have normal taste, smell, hearing, and vision one must be clean through and through, and those who are fed beyond capacity with food are not clean internally.
• If bad results follow a meal there has been overeating, either at the last meal or previously. Under-masticating usually accompanies overeating and causes further trouble. Those who masticate thoroughly are generally quite moderate in their food intake.

• People who sleep seven or eight hours and wake up feeling un-refreshed are suffering from ingestion of too much food. A food poisoned individual cannot be properly rested. To get sweet sleep and feel restored, it is necessary to have clean blood and a sweet alimentary tract.

• Many people especially women say that if they miss a meal or get it later than usual, they suffer from a headache, this indicates that the feeding is wrong, generally too generous and often too stimulating. A normal person can miss a dozen meals without a sign of a headache.


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