Some bankers may have low moral standards

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In 2012 Occupy Wall Street was born out of economic depression. People stormed Wall Street in protest of high financiers gouging the public. A study was conducted which found that bankers in general may have low moral standards when dealing with the public.

The banking industry

In lieu of what has been happening in the US economy recently, Montrealers are concerned by the ethics of bankers at large. Our system of banking in Montreal and by extension the rest of Canada is different from that of the USA. Most of our banks are owned by the government. They are not private. However, many Montrealers still do not trust the banking system. We have seen much decay in the moral fabric of our Montreal society.

Financial stress

Sociologists and psychologists have studied moral behavior. While sociologists look for the effect upon society, psychologists are concerned with mental health. Both groups of researchers are concerned with the motivators for behavior.

The researchers in a recent study looked at the morality of the stock brokers, financiers, and bankers’ behavior concerning the recession in the states. They feel this behavior could have been the consequence of a low moral standard shared by the financiers. They certainly did not feel guilty about the financial stress they had caused.

Occupy Wall Street

This is one theory offered by the professionals, the recent financial disaster in Montreal and elsewhere will spur on more research in time to come. This behavior had caused, "Occupy Wall Street," "Occupy Montreal" the protest group in 2012 and "Occupy financial districts" as far as Europe.

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author avatar Retired
8th Dec 2015 (#)

It has been mentioned to me that they don't think like we do and so are not accountable for their actions...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Dec 2015 (#)

Banks have stanardised rules that dont benefit everybody. They rob people as well and create pain that cannot be reversed breaking marriages and leading to divorces or estrangement like myself.

My husband had another and he left my son and myself and took over 38k savings, leaving us with no food to eat either, because of the bank. He never wanted kids, I wanted a family life. Now he is playing around with a woman who has a HIV positive husband.

I have come to your page in real today. But didn't like what you did yesterday.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Dec 2015 (#)

Some Carol, I believe all of them!

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