Some effective measures to prevent stomach-ache

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Stomach-ache or more exactly is Gastritis, stomach ulcer, peptic ulcer…Although it is not a life-threatening illness but it has becoming more and more popular due to different reasons impacted, largely due to unscientific living and eating habits.

Some effective measures to prevent stomach-ache

These unhealthy habits significant impact to the patients’ job and life quality although this disease is very easy to prevent and cure if implemented properly. Therefore, understanding of effective measures to prevent stomach-ache plays an extremely important role.

Measures to prevent stomachache

1. Have healthy eating habits to prevent stomachache
To prevent stomachache effectively, you need to have a healthy, moderately and scientific eating habits:
• It is necessary to provide full and variety nutrients for the body every day, however you should not eat too much, just eat moderate food portions, eat several meals per day according to the body’s circadian rhythm because this helps your stomach works effectively to ensure a good health. Should not overfeed and absolutely should not skip meals.
• You need to eat clean foods, wash your hands before eating, eat cooked foods and drink safe beverages to restrict bacteria entering in the stomach causing stomachache.
• Eat slowly and chew carefully to ease the burden for stomach. It is not recommended to eat quickly and chew rapidly, eat and work. Take time to relax during the meals so that your stomach can work better and helps the body absorbing nutrients from foods better.
• Do not eat and drink together, it is better to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before the meal. This helps you to have a good appetite. After meal, take small sips of water.
• Should not eat before going to the bed. If you feel hungry, just drink a glass of warm milk since it helps to soothe and protect your stomach and you will have better sleep. Adequate sleep helps you feel better on the next day and sure you will have a good health and full of energy for all life activities.
• Absolutely avoid brainstorm activity or strong physical activities within 30 minutes after meals. Why?
At this time, your brain is working to control full of energy in the body to digest foods most effectively.
If you have other activities, your body must “share” this energy source and your stomach is easy to be overloaded and works less effectively, gradually it causes stomachache.

2. Keep away from foods that may have risks of stomachache.
To prevent stomachache and protect your health, you should not eat only one type of food and eat too much because no any food has all nutrients the body requires. It is too bad to eat the same thing every day, especially foods may have risks of stomachache including:
• Food rich in acid such as orange, green mango...Eating this type of food may increase acid levels in the stomach, gradually it causes stomachache.
• Spicy food such as chili, onion,... This type of food stimulates more gastric secretion harmful to the stomach.
• Salt and salty foods increase risks of stomachache.
• Limit your daily caffeine intake. Drinking a lot of coffee can be harmful to your health; it makes your stomach secreting too much acid and makes increasing acid levels in the stomach causing stomachache.
• Carbonated soft drinks: Because the carbonate in these drinks is in the form of gas causing serious harms to many body parts such as heart, gallbladder, liver and especially stomach. It is recommended to replace carbonated soft drinks by fresh fruits juice, herbal teas since they are healthy beverages.
• Absolutely not smoke and stay away from smoking areas. Do not drink alcohol, beer and alcoholic drinks since they are not only harmful to your stomach but also are “culprits” damaging the health and reasons causing common cancers.

3. Try to limit the use of analgesic
Analgesics (or painkillers) are major reason causing stomachache because these medications constrain mucosal production to protect stomach lining leading to stomach bleeding; even stomach ulcers and these ulcers exist for long term without any symptom so it’s very dangerous. Therefore if there is any ache and pain such as headache, back pain, muscle pain, even dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation, typically involving abdominal cramps), you should avoid abusing analgesics. Soothe your pain by gentle massage or other methods. If it is essential to use medication, you should consult your doctor to use the analgesic less damaging to stomach.

4. Maintain ideal (or reasonable) weight to prevent stomachache
Overweigh or Obesity is not only the reason causing stomachache but also many other serious diseases. Heartburn, abdominal distension, constipation, digestive disorders… are more common at overweight or obese people. So you need to maintain an ideal or reasonable Body Mass Index (BMI) to prevent stomachache

5. Stay away from stress or reduce stress is one of the ways to prevent stomachache better.
Stress, pressures are the cause of increasing gastric acid production and slowing down digestion leading to stomach disorders, gradually causing stomachache and several diseases. Therefore you are recommended to spend time to rest and relax, relieve stress, always keep comfortable feeling, be happy. These are preventive measures to avoid being stomachache in particular and other diseases in general.

Stomachache is a common disease but it is quite easy to prevent and cure. Just apply and follow properly the above effective measures to prevent stomach-ache, surely you are never going to be tired because of this annoyance disease. These are also measures to protect and improve your health. Have a good health!!!


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