Sometimes Caregiving Requires a Balancing Act

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Since people are living longer in North America, the issue of care-giving is topical. This series will examine some of the issues and provide some tips for family and home caregivers.

Tips for making a Montreal caregiver's life a bit easier continued

Tips for making a Montreal caregiver's life a bit easier continued

Time Management:

A big issue is how to get everything done that needs to be done, again support groups can help you to manage your time. They may have suggestions on how to work around the family's needs and the needs of the sick or disabled person in your charge. They will give you tips on how to prioritize your day and even delegate household chores to other family members. They may suggest that you hire a nurse or assistant if you need to and can afford it; to further assist you.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

Eat well, exercise, and do not give up the things that you like to do. As a caregiver you are not expected to become a martyr, you are a healthy human being and you have needs as well.

Depression is a major issue among caregivers
because they not only hurt for the person they are taking care of, but they totally gave up on having a life of their own. Don't let that happen to you, go out and get a life, go visit a friend, or go to church or have a day at the beauty salon, you need to pamper yourself as well. Or else you may come down with a weakened immune system or something else that requires DNA testing, such as urine samples or blood tests. Don't let it come to that, you must be as much concerned about your own health as you are for the person you are caring for.

Balancing Work and Home Life Not Always Easy but it Can Be Very Worthwhile

Balancing Work and Home Life Not Always Easy but it Can Be Very Worthwhile

The Montreal society we live in is very different from the 1950s, where the mother could stay home and the father was the sole income provider. It is the accepted norm for both parents to work. When both parents work or if the household is run by a single parent, it is often hard to juggle work life and family life. Often times one is done successfully at the expense of the other.

To complicate matters, many Montreal adults are part of the sandwich generation, that means they still have a growing family themselves; but, they are also expected to care for aging parents. There are just so many responsibilities that life can be really daunting.

However, it is necessary to provide a balance of both worlds so that your children grow up happy and healthy, your parents are not forgotten, and you can still work and do the things you need to do. Remember paternal DNA testing, or parental DNA testing can prove that you are the biological parent of your child or children, or the biological child of your parents, but love and nurturing will prove that you are a good parent to your children and still a good son or daughter to your aging parents. Sometimes difficult choices have to be made to make sure all household family needs are met.

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