Speak Your Way to Prosperity With Wealth Affirmations

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A few wealth-creating affirmations I have used to help me get to the level of prosperity I desire.

A basic idea of how the affirmations work

Few things are as fascinating as the use of affirmations on the human mind. A simple phrase, repeated enough by an individual, takes on an auto-hypnotic quality. This in turn allows it to bypass the conscious mind and to become implanted into the subconscious so that it may take root. If done often enough, then from these humble words a new set of positive, productive behaviors may grow.

So what is the most effective use of such auto-hypnotic technology? The best way to use an affirmation is immediately upon waking, and just before you go to sleep. Your mind is in a more suggestible state at both time periods, allowing the affirmations easier access to the subconscious mind. I recommend that you make a routine of this, with numerous repetitions to really allow the phrases to sink in. Roughly fifty to one hundred times per day is usually enough to make the affirmation effective. You can easily divide this up into 25-50 in the morning, and 25-50 at night before bed. If you really wanted to, you could even split this up to three times per day if you do 60 -120 per day instead (20 – 40 per session.)

Things to Remember

Before we begin, remember these simple rules:

1. Speak the affirmations in the present-tense, never future, and certainly not the past. Example “I am” or “I have” as opposed to “I had” or “I will have.”

2. Always speak in the positive, never negative. The subconscious only processes the positive, not the negative. Example: “I am free of all debt.” as opposed to “I have no debt.”

3. When you notice success, make sure to acknowledge it (out loud, if you can.) This reinforces the psycho-spiritual wealth programming of the affirmations, and will increase the likelihood that more opportunities will come your way.

4. Lastly, be careful not to lapse in this, and always back up the affirmations with actual work. Otherwise, they will be ineffective. These exist to help you find/bring to you opportunities to prosper, it is up to you to seize the opportunities!

The Affirmations, and Parting Words

And now, a few choice affirmations that have been very helpful to me in the past. Remember, repetition is key, and you must take advantage of the new opportunities which may come faster than you think.

I am deserving of wealth and financial gain.

Opportunities to prosper actively seek me out.

I am a magnet for money, it is a magnet to me.

Every loss I experience will only lead to greater gain.

Every gain I experience sets me up for greater gains.

I seize the money presented to me by God (substitute Universe, if you wish.)

I claim my right of prosperity and abundance.

Debt flees from me, I am free of all debt.

I earn 20,000 dollars more every year.

Make sure to keep up on these, and remember; Act upon the opportunities you find, and keep at it!

For more information

If you want to learn even more, have a look at my new book, "Smiling Jack's Guide to New Wealth and Prosperity" for more ways to use this.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
20th May 2015 (#)

Excellent piece of advice. I wish I'd read your piece about 20years earlier.

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