Spice your way to good health-add a dash of black pepper.

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A spice rack is a must in every household.What it holds depends on the region in which the person resides.The common name which is found in almost every household,shop,alternative medicine shops is black pepper.

How about adding some spice to your life.

Besides the salt, many spices make our food tastier and tangier. Spices in our food and their intake improves our metabolism, circulation, strengthens our immune system. They help to ward off diseases and control inflammation and perform healthy miracles in our bodies. These spices are more potent than any drugs sometimes and not only make food tastier but also fire up the taste buds. A simple bland chicken soup is gulped faster with a tiny dose of spices in it. They not only add flavor but the aroma makes the food irresistible.

Black pepper -Piper nigrum.

Some spices that should be used regularly are turmeric, cayennepepper, cinnamon, saffron, cumin, black pepper, nutmeg and cloves to name a few. Some known spices:
We start with black pepper. It is also known as Piper nigrum.Pepper belongs to the flowering vine family called Piperaceae. Peppercorn is the fruit that is dried and used as spice world over. The black pepper is the peppercorns powdered and famously called black pepper powder. The pepper is of two types the dried unripe fruit is the black pepper and the green pepper unripe fruit is the white pepper. Both have different flavors though white pepper is tangier in taste.

Where it is found.

Black pepper is also found in Southeast Asia and China. Vietnam is the largest producer of black pepper. In India, it is found on a larger scale in the state of Kerala. Black pepper has medicinal properties. It is used since ancient times as a medicine and to flavor food. Pepper from India is named after the regions it comes from namely Malabar pepper and Tellicherry Pepper. Pepper is universally used. It is a common element in cooking food, soups, sauces and seasoning of meat and for preserving and tenderizing meat. In India it is used both its full form and powdered variety.Black pepper is preferred in India whereas in China, Korea both black as well as white pepper is used.

The useful black pepper.

In Chinese food, more of white pepper is used. White peppercorn and powder are different in taste from black pepper and its grounded form. Black pepper though tangy in taste is less powerful than white pepper powder. Black pepper though crinkly and wrinkly in appearance seasons delicacies preserves and tenderizes meat. An acclaimed culinary wonder it has a host of healing properties. It helps to cure colds. It also has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps to relieve nasal congestion and clear the sinuses. It aids digestion and relieves constipation. Traditional Indian medicines use black pepper.It is also used as a home remedy. Inhaling pepper powder causes sneezing. Indians use it to make masalas along with other spices.
Black pepper can be powdered finely in a mixer grinder or coarsely ground by pepper mills. Powdered pepper should be stored in airtight containers as it loses its freshness and aroma when exposed to air. The distinct aroma is the characteristic of black pepper. It is available all the year round. It is added to almost all recipes. A pinch of black pepper flavors the food gravies, soups and diminishes the typical smell associated with meat fish eggs. Consumption of black pepper increases the production of hydrochloric acid. It is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, vitaminK, dietary fiber and copper.
So go ahead, spice up your food with this unique spice, and add a dash of pepper. Even though black pepper is good, be sure to use it in moderation.
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