"Spit and polish for real" or The Real Final Level that counts for everything

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The real final level of knowledge is not what we expect, in fact it is so simple that we overlook it pretty well, so here it is in the form of an article with a few lucid sections that describe how to achieve that level.

Spiritual consciousness is the only power there is.

"All you need is love." John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles.

When you genuinely love life and love what you are doing, you are in power, genuine power. Even Rhonda Byrne in her later works like "The Power" says this realistically. When you hate your life, you are just a mere competitor getting paid like Ken Norton in the 1970s when boxing seemed so crooked to him that he just fought purely for the money. So, when I say spiritual consciousness is all there is and all you need for real wealth is real love for what you are doing, you know what I mean.

Sure, this is a simple section and more will be added, but, realistically, I can say that love and spiritual consciousness are the only ultimate powers there are.

The winner is not the person standing on top of all the dead bodies.

If a winner is someone standing on the top of dead bodies with a bin of gold that belongs to them right by them, then, that would be all that would be needed for real power in existence and subsistence.

No, a real winner has the spiritual consciousness (being), follows through with the spiritual consciousness (doing) and the riches for them are simply an effect of of being the consciousness and doing the consciousness (healthy having). Without that chain of events, what is reality worth? Nothing, and it does not matter "what you or anyone would have".

The "winner on top of the dead bodies" is trying to have, then do, then be. That is the ultimate in getting it all wrong. You must be first, then do, and then have really to really win. I will leave it simple so through the resonance, it will be understood. After all, what is a body without consciousness? Dead.

The Winner is: The Person Doing What They Really Want To Do!

The electrifying thing about real winning is that it is individual in a genuine and unlimited way. But, the always daunting thing about it even for the best of us is others. Let me explain myself: To the best of us, others do not matter in the way that the worst of us think that they matter, but they still matter in this way: How do we navigate the obstacle course well? That is how the other people matter. It does not matter what others think, but it does matter if others are an obstacle or a help to us. But, no matter what, the real winner is the person doing what they really want to do no matter what.

Everyone wants to benefit, but who wants to pay full price? After all, legitimate short cuts are in high demand for everyone. From the honest advantage to the crude cheater, everyone wants a break from paying full price. At best, the real short cut to power and glory is creative and original like anyone who genuinely succeeds in a trailblazing way, at worst it is cheating like Marion Jones or Lance Armstrong with their doping scandals. Like the coyote in the Road Runner cartoons from Warner Brothers Pictures, the dishonest easy and quick way leads to more problems in the long run especially when the cheating is "undetectable" yet still "unnaturally amazing". Lance got cancer, and Marion Jones is now in debt with a torn hamstring muscle. The point to this whole section? The genuine creative advantage is always worth it, but the fake short term gain competitive advantage is never worth it. Faust, sell your soul to Mephistopheles and the devil for that short term "universal advantage", it is over before it begins there. But of course, I, personally would work and get the equivalent knowledge rather than cheat for it, because I see the reality of the situation. But, then, how many people look at things in that detail oriented grit filled realistic way? Not many. Sure, I was raised that way by my Dad to look at things that way, but also, I have that detail oriented realism within me naturally which combines to make me do things the "silly", hard and certain way that does work. Then again, Wallace Wattles with his certain way must really have been onto something and something good that really does work. What does the easy way count for anyway, if it is ultimately hard? So, the winner is the Master Mind that does things in the way that they really want to do them. right? So, in the next section, I will write about more facts that pertain to the subject, but just be left with this: Pay your honest price and get what you really want, settle for nothing less. That may be silly "work ethic" thinking, but the when the "smart ass" cheater gets caught, ask the "dumb question": Who really wins?

"How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you're doing it?" -Dennis the Menace


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5th Aug 2015 (#)

That is so true, I wish everyone could do what they loved and a make a good living doing it.

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