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Mahesh Golani By Mahesh Golani, 6th Mar 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Sports and sports Management these days are two important aspects of all the people of the world, especially the youth. Taking part in sports- in any discipline should be a must. It fosters friendship, builds confidence, brings friends closer and develops self confidence and faith.

sports can build friendships and channel energy and build a healthy body, a sad thing that is missing in our new generation of children.

Do Sports really matter? The fact finding analysis shows that it does. In addition to being a source of enjoyment or taking delight in a particular athlete or team winning participating in sports, games and athletic activities also has the competence to combat everything from racism to low self esteem to also assisting kids in the classroom and lowering drop-out ratios.Through this column I make this very passionate plea to parents and able teachers who believe that scholastic excellence is the alpha and omega of a child’s life. I must admit here that a good quality academic programme and experience plays a critical role in the lives of our children, it’s also essential that the parents and teachers understand the importance of creating school and home climates which enable our children to find a perfect sense of balance in their lives. all this because quite often I visit educational institutes which have convinced their students and parents that the purpose of an educational institute is accumulation and reproduction of academic knowledge and learning.
“What is sports all about, anyway?” We need to ask ourselves. Is it about trophies, championships, scholarships and successful superstars serving as stimulants to young sports persons? The answer is No. Between losing and winning, there’s a lot that can be learnt from sporting activities and athletics. There is an intense worthiness in sports that goes beyond scores, dog-fighting news, game-fixing, doping and more surprising and unreasonable behaviour of parents, athletes and yes the coaches. In the end its about honour, achievement and pride.

Have you seen the movie We Are Marshall? or Chuck De India or better still 3 Idiots? Take my advice – Watch it. The first two movies have their coach as the protagonist. Entrusted to rebuilding a good sports team in both the films the coach ends up instead of rebuilding the emotional and psychological structure of an entire community. The power of sports today in the changing environment of the globe is unimaginable.Sports today has the power to change lives and bring people together. You are taught to value character, integrity, sportsmanship, discipline learning from adversity and last but not the least the art of bouncing back. These values get seamlessly transferred to other areas of life. It will not be out of place here when parents or coaches of many sport persons and athletes come forward and talk about the glorious changes that have taken roots in their lives as much as their sports loving ward. To sum up this article I can only say that I remain steadfast rather very convinced to the belief that the most important function of sport is to renew the human spirit- a time out from the travails and drudgery of everyday life, while connecting with the self and others. The commonwealth games 2010 in India has set a good example. Delhi which hosted it, got 100 flyovers, 15 over bridges, 5 large stadiums and a 100 kilometre metro rail ready for the sports extravaganza. The Delhi wallahs are excited which is palpable and feeling proud to be a part of this tamasha. A new spirit to survive with head held high is visible. Such is the magic of sports and sports persons.Tiger Woods can always be an exception!.


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author avatar Denise O
8th Mar 2011 (#)

My mama was a sports nut and she had us kids in all kinds of sports. She was my coach a few times. I just loved my time playing sports. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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