Spousal Abuse is When you Think it is Your Problem

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Like our previous series on child abuse, female abuse runs rampant all over the world.

Warning signs of domestic abuse

Warning signs of domestic abuse that Montreal women need to look out for - continued

Subservience and confinement

This happens when the abuse women is forced to do her abuser's bidding at any time of the day or night for fear of being beaten or emotionally abused, if she doesn't comply, In the worst of scenarios, these women are usually confined to the house, never allowed to socialize or have any friends (friends can help them realize something is wrong), never allowed to fix themselves up and look pretty.

The worst kind of abuse and control in this category is never being allowed to raise to eyes to look at the person they are talking to - that is if you are allowed to talk at all.
Often times these abusers have the strict rule of "speak only when you are spoken to." These unfortunate women are no longer free, they are actually treated animals or slaves.

Verbal and Emotional Abuse

Verbal abuse

Even though your man may not hit you that does not mean you are not being abused. Controlling you as we have already discussed is abuse. Calling you names, swearing at you, telling you you are not good enough, and constantly saying you are too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too stupid, or anything to put you down in order to make you feel bad about yourself is ABUSE.

Emotional Abuse

Any act that can make you feel unloved, unwanted, unappreciated, or undeserving. Under this rubric, you would also have the most lethal of all emotional abuse, and that is why you begin to agree with your abuser!

Agreeing with your abuser

Agreeing with the abuser

It is all my fault - He wouldn't have hit me if only I didn't speak out of term, I shouldn't have worn a dress I know he only wants me to wear pants, I burnt his dinner, I am dirty, I am bad, I am evil, he is only doing this to teach me the right way to be.

Any of these statements along with many others are self defeating and a strong sign that you are in serious trouble. You need to get out of that situation fast, to save yourself and any kids you may have. You need to save your soul!

To be continued

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author avatar Kingwell
25th May 2015 (#)

Good points - but sometimes women are the abusers. Blessings.

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