Stairs good. Elevator bad.

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A simple explanation about how the stairs loves you and the elevator hates you.

Know who your friends are.

Stairs or the Elevator what do you choose? I see most people choose the elevator. I understand some people need to use the elevator because of a condition or injury but from what I see most common reason for using the elevator is lazy. People will not use the stairs. They will actually wait a long time for an elevator when the stairs are right there just waiting for some business. The stairs are probably depressed because they must feel so neglected meanwhile the elevator is there having a good time bring people up and down all happy. Business is good for the elevator. If you help the stairs business the stairs will help you. Stairs will keep you healthy. Blood pressure could go down. You will have better cardio so you will be a fit person. The elevator on the other hand will do nothing for you. The elevator hates you while the stairs love you. The elevator will keep you fat and miserable. It is very simple stairs wants you healthy and elevator wants you sick.


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