Starting Over like a Phoenix

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One thing you can depend on in this human experience and that thing is CHANGE. How one looks at change will likely determine the outcome and when I say 'outcome' I refer to the satisfaction with what you have created from the sparkly fresh slate of change.

Fresh Starts and Pull-aparts

Humans aren't real crazy about change as a rule. We resist it. We stay in relationships til death really does do us part and sometimes it's murder. We linger in a job long past when it has become robot routine, a neighborhood past feeling like it is 'home'. As children, we are subjected to changes that jar our psyche when parents split up and we are made into pull-aparts between two people who love us but don't love each other anymore.

What facinates me about humans is how they will rebuild a home 3 times in a hurricane alley, pass on abhorent family behaviors long detested, keep a job they can't stand. A recent facebook poster boldly said: "If you don't like your life, change it - you're not a tree."

Taking Response-ability for Your Life

One of the best ways to begin to accept 'change' is to find ways to take full responsibility for your life. Let's say maybe you slept in this morning because you got fired from your job yesterday. The reason you got fired is that you couldn't stay awake and alert and accomplish all your given tasks. Falling asleep in the backroom was the final straw. You can blame the crazy split shifts and midnight runs, but the reality is that the hours didn't work for you and before you could realize it and look for another job, your body took over and therefore you allowed it to create what you wanted. Rest.

Threads into Cords in Relationships

Relationships seem to change as we build and cut fine little cords of trust, communication, missed cues, calls and texts answered or unanswered. Much like the cords were built in fine threads and we connect to one another, they become severed in the same ways. At the end, we must take full responsibility for the things we did or said or didn't do or didn't say which prompted our friend or lover to bring out his/her scissors and we must take responsibility for each thread we snipped as well.

Evacuating a Disaster Zone - My Story

If the house got wiped out by the post-fire mudslide, felt like I'd be OK with places to stay, but my familiars' future was not so certain. Lucy weighed some 70 pounds, Dodger couldn't understand 'no barking!', and Simon was the most handsome of black cats who hated his cat crate. Evacuating them during the rain was one thing, asking anyone to welcome them as guests was another. These thoughts had me spending hours a day in and out of Recreational Vehicle sales lots, mostly in Garden City.

For several reasons, mostly because I could recoup my investment, ended up getting a well cared for vintage 1969 Globetrotter Airstream, single axle to be towed by the cream colored 1973 Dodge 1/2 ton (Wilhamina Palamino) Pick-up with a 360 Motor, V8. My goal was to go North on a healing journey. The house was SOLD, the 'stuff' was gone except for my favorites, truck jammed towing a sardined trailer.

Less than 20 miles into the maiden voyage I was horrified to see the trailer door swinging open via side view mirror. New to trailer hauling, I'd been snailing backroads, pulled over to deal with the door issue and had a full blown meltdown. My middle aged woman was in complete sobs, terrified to take another step in any direction. Right then and there, in the middle of the road in the center of my meltdown, a voice barely identified as my 'inner adolescent' stepped forward, said "Light me up a cigarette girl, we can do this!" then confidently took the wheel.


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4th Jun 2013 (#)

You have a very wise and well written advisory here. Loved it.

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author avatar LoriAnne Hancock
4th Jun 2013 (#)

Thank you so much for your feedback. Really and truly appreciated!

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