Stay healthy, prevent E. coli infection

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Most people get better without treatment within 5-10 days. But it is critical to mostly children if untreated.

Stay healthy, prevent E. coli infection

This is common to anyone but less don’t know how they get it. Fast food restaurant is everywhere that offers hamburgers and other processed products but we don’t know what risk it will take us. It is better that we know things about this and how we can avoid it- E. coli.

E. coli strains are harmless but some can cause serious food poisoning in humans. An E. coli bacterium is found in lower intestines of warm blooded organisms (also with human). What’s terrifying is that doctors find E. coli infection as a severe intestinal virus. Most common symptoms are cramps, diarrhea (which has blood spot included), though non-bloody diarrhea and slight fever are also possible. They usually appear within 3-5 days. It is better to consult a physician as you suspect a problem.

Most people get better without treatment within 5-10 days. But it is critical to mostly children if untreated. It may develop hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) which can lead to kidney failure, seizures, and coma and worse is death.

There are things that we can do to minimize and even prevent the risk, here are the tips:
• Avoid contaminated food. FYI that E. coli mostly found on processed meat and cropped vegetables.
• Wash hand thoroughly before handling food and after bathroom use, changing diapers or touching animals. Wash you had before and after eating. Make sure these practices are being followed at your child’s school.
• Cook meat to 160F until the center is gray or brown, and juices run clear, not pink. In the restaurant, order well-done food like hamburger.
• Drink only pasteurized juices and milk; read labels carefully.
• Scrub fruits and vegetables thoroughly with cold water; pull off outer leaves and peels before washing; if a fruit’s skin is punctured or discolored, cut off that portion. If possible use one cutting board for meats and another for non-meat ingredients.
• Wash hands, utensils and work areas with hot soapy water after a contact with raw meat.
• Freeze or refrigerate perishable foods immediately after shopping or serving; never thaw your meat on the kitchen counter.
• E. coli can be transmitted from person to person through poor hygiene, so it is best to reprimand children not to drink pool water. It is best to check the water you children is drinking also in his/her school.

It is present in all cases of food processes; it is not fatal as long as no other complications will follow. E. coli bacteria is present in our intestine, one bad strain of these can lead to a major problem. Contamination is one contributors of this infection but it can be prevented with sanitation and proper information about this infection.

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