Staying Healthy and Well

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As reported by the World Health Organization, the three leading causes of death in this era are cancer, heart disease, and circulatory diseases.

Staying Healthy and Well

The health picture many years ago was very different from today. More babies died during those times due to lack of medicine and medical practitioners. Babies who lived could expect an average life span of 47 years. The infection diseases compromised of tuberculosis, pneumonia, and influenza.

Medical scientists revealed that babies born in 1980’s can look forward age life expectancy of about 74 years. Some infectious diseases have been already been prevented and controlled, except for HIV-AIDS. Non-infectious disease such as cancer, heart disease, and circulatory disease have overtaken the infectious disease as the major problems as reported by the World Health Organization. Why? Look around the environment. What can you see? What kind of business environment do we have now? What kind of food do we eat? Do most mothers now prepare food for their family? Or do they just buy their food from the convenient fast food stores? Of course, there are families who prepare food at home. But, how many families prepare their own food? Don’t take the risk by exposing yourself to infectious disease.

On one hand, responsibility is the key for good health. An old dictum say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What does it mean? Another saying goes: a sick man repents and wishes that if only I will be given another chance to live, I choose to become healthy again.

As reported by the World Health Organization, the three leading causes of death in this era are cancer, heart disease, and circulatory diseases. Why do you thing that the major causes of death shifted away from infectious disease? Though these diseases are again back in the scenario, medical research reveals that these diseases can already be treated.

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Now, new medicines have been discovered for treatment, yet, many people not afford to buy them because they are expensive. The keys to protect oneself from acquiring such chronic disease are prevention and heath habits.

Positive health habits will decrease your health risks and increase your chances for a longer life. The new focus on health is not just to avoid sickness but to achieve total wellness for a productive life. When you are well you can enjoy life to the fullest and be productive. You have more strength and energy, mentally alert, emotionally stable and more confident of yourself.
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Wellness also means that your body is in proper shape, you have clear eyes, healthy skin, and hair. You are more enthusiastic about life. You have the positive interpersonal relationship with your parents and siblings, relatives, friends, and others. Achieving a total wellness requires a holistic approach to health. The environment in you which you live, work, and play contribute to total wellness. The total wellness includes not only your environment but also your mental and physical well-being.


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