Staying in the Question.

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Staying in the moment, even if it is uncomfortable.

Staying in the Question

Recently I was faced with a question that I could not immediately answer, or find information to. I am used to finding solutions to challenges and problems as they arise, and I feel confident that I have the skills to find the information I need.

This time I could not, and I was pushed into unknown territory.

At first I could not believe that there was not an immediate and obvious solution. I spent quite a lot of time worrying and looking around for information that might provide the 'key to my enlightenment'. This didn't work, and I found that I sunk even further into a quick-sand of not-knowingness.

I felt really uncomfortable with just staying in the question. I didn't like 'not knowing' and I didn't like the feeling of having no direction to go in whilst flapping around in uncertainty and indecision.

Suddenly via Facebook a solution to the situation popped into my life, and I laughed at the simplicity of the solutions the universe offers. I read a quote from Woody Allen. He said, 'why are people bothered with understanding the universe, when they can't find their way around China Town?'.

Ah ha, I thought. I instantly understood what had been happening to me. I had been trying to metaphorically figure out the meaning of life, with all my attempts to find answers and information. While I had been busy doing that, I had forgotten that I have to accept that I can't know it all and have all the answers. My tiny human brain is too simple and stupid to hold all the information there is, and to understand the bigger picture.

The lesson for me in staying in the question is to accept the uncertain and unknown. I see there is no mapped out plan and no logical answer to life's problems. By staying in the question I stay in flow and I give up the notion that I have any control.

All of this sounds really easy to say!! Doing it has proven to be really hard, as my tussle with questions with no answers has shown in the last few days!

That was the lesson I was confronted with in the apparent simplicity of not being able to find the information I was looking for. Did I learn anything from the process???

What have I learnt from all of this? I try not to jump to immediately finding solutions, I try to leave space for my intuition to show me the way. When i can do this the process feels natural and instinctive, and the information I need comes to me if I keep my eyes open for the unexpected and unusual ways that it might arrive.

As for my question. Did I find what I was looking for? Yes! Do I feel relieved? Yes!


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