Steps Of The Alcohol Rehabilitation Process

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Is any of your family member, friends or colleagues an alcohol addict? Recovering from drug addiction to living a healthy, positive life is not an easy one. The individual has to be committed, hardworking and ready to live a changed life. If you are unwilling to give up using drugs, then no addiction treatment and recovery method will be highly effective.


The benefits of transitioning from a drug addict to living a life of recovery have never been overemphasized. Alcohol rehabilitation process is quite stressful and may sometimes take weeks, months or even years, but it is well worth the effort. Just like all other journey in life, the road to full recovery from alcoholism starts with a few simple steps forward. The steps of alcohol rehabilitation process depend largely on the complexities of the addiction, the treatment plan used and the individual’s readiness to quit alcohol intake. Nonetheless, rehab centers for alcohol addiction tend to share specific key elements for the rehabilitation process. These include intake, detoxification, rehabilitation and ongoing recovery.

1. Intake

Intake is described as the process of knowing how reliable and effective an alcohol rehab center might be. This will enable you determine if the facility has all it takes to provide the most suitable alcohol addiction treatment and recovery plan. This process requires you to ask questions you deemed important about the center. It may also interest you to know that the alcohol rehab center will also have a few questions to ask as well. In order to best determine the most suitable treatment plan that will work best for you, you may have to undergo some diagnostic tests.

These questions will help the centers determine the severity of your addiction, history about your alcohol use and even available budget. There are lots of alcohol addiction treatment and recovery options to choose from. So you need to make sure the treatment plan opted for works best for you. It is however pertinent to choose a program that’s a good match for you. Once you are comfortable with the alcohol rehab center, you will be able to fit into the treatment program and see it through to the end, hence increasing your chances of improving your health and abstinence from alcohol.

Principles of alcohol addiction and treatment

There are quite a number of principles and guidelines to follow prior to selecting an alcohol treatment and recovery program. These include:

• Addiction affects both the way you think and behave
• Having to sought for the best addiction treatment before as early as possible it worsens is of utmost importance, especially for successful outcomes.
• Voluntarily surrendering yourself for treatment doesn’t make the process any smoother and highly effective. A lot of individuals undergoing alcohol addiction treatment are compelled to go to alcohol rehab center by their family members, close friends, colleagues, employers and even the court of law – and they are still able to recover fully from alcoholism.
• There is no one solution to use by alcohol addiction center for treatment. Treatment method varies. While some might turn out to be highly effective for an individual, it might not the much expected result for some. And for this reason, most rehab centers for alcohol addiction adopts different methods and plan.
• A highly effective program does not only help you recover from alcohol addiction but addresses all areas of your life
• Commitment and dedication is key to achieving success and overcoming your addiction.
• Constant monitoring experts will monitor you all through the treatment process to see if you are responding positively.

2. Detox

Most alcohol treatment and recovery process requires a phase of detoxification. This helps eradicate completely traces of alcohol from the body. Some alcohol rehab centers will recommend maintenance medication which helps to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol. How severe the process of detoxification will be is best determined by several factors such as:

• The body composition and metabolism of the addict.
• How often does the individual take alcohol?
• How long has the individual engaged in such distasteful act?
• Are there other addictions asides alcohol?

Detox is considered one of the safest processes to full recovery from alcohol when undergone in a reliable alcohol rehab center. Since detoxification can sometime result into complicated health issues, it is not advisable for individuals to detox without proper supervision from a professional

3. Rehab

Once an individual gets through alcohol detoxification, the next step will be going through rehabilitation. At this stage, patients get the chance to know the underlying causes of their alcohol addiction, and the best ways to tackle such problem so they will have to live a more fulfilled and positive life without returning back to their addictive behavior. Alcohol rehab centers use many different processes for the rehabilitation process which include individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy.

4. Recovery

After patients must have successfully completed their rehabilitation process, there is still one thing that needs to be done – recovery. As a matter of fact, for some patients, the recovery process takes an extended time, as it requires unshakable commitment and dedication. Most times, the journey to recovery may be simple and easy. Other times, most individuals find it difficult to hang on. The path to lifelong recovery comes with a lot of challenges, and as such requires lifelong support to be able to withstand the temptations that lies ahead. Before being discharged from an alcohol rehab center, the patient will meet with counselors to discuss a plan for aftercare. Most rehab centers for alcohol addiction offers follow-up programs designed to help patients abstain from alcoholism while living a positive life. Some of the follow up plan may include visiting the alcohol rehab center on weekends. This is, however, necessary when the patient feels the need for a touch up stay. It may also involve allowing the patient live in a sober living facility after recovery for specific period of time with other alcohol addicts undergoing treatment or must have fully recovered. While in this facility, patients perform chores and participate in group therapy sessions.

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Talk about the side effects - headaches, tremors, inability to eat, loose motion, body swelling, stress-anxiety. Thinning hair, lifeless skin, brittle bones and teeth. Blood pressure/diabetes to name a few.

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Rehabilitation is a very important part of the treatment! I was rehabilitated in Port Hope, Ontario.

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