Stop Dieting - Why Healthy Lifestyle Changes Are So Much Better

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Are you sick and tired of going on one diet after another and getting "0" results. Do you REALLY want to know how to lose weight permanently and achieve better overall health? You'll never go on a "diet" again once you find out how to make small changes in your lifestyle that will transform your health and your life.

Stop Dieting - Why Healthy Lifestyle Changes Are So Much Better

Many people have tried several different fad diets, pills, and programs, but very few can actually attest to the success of these products. This is because it takes more than just a wonder drug or diet to take off unwanted weight and keep it off. Read on to find out how dieting is so ineffective and often times dangerous and what you should be concentrating on if you hope to lose weight and keep it off forever.

The biggest reason you should not waste your time and money on fad diets and most of the weight loss pills out there is because the just do not work. Diets, if successful, are temporary fixes to a permanent problem that requires a greater intervention to solve. Once you lose the 10-20 lbs you were shooting for, you will go off your diet. Guess what happens then? If you said, "You gain the weight right back," then you have the right answer! In fact, 90% of people who have been successful with a diet end up putting the weight back on once they are off the program.

Since most diets call for a reduction in caloric intake, your metabolism will slow down. While you may lose some weight at the beginning, due to water loss, your weight loss will eventually plateau. If you persist with such a diet, you will begin to lose muscle, furthering the reduction of your metabolic rate. High metabolism is needed to promote the break down of food into energy rather than fat. Slowing this rate will only add pounds to your body as it goes into starvation mode and starts to store the food.

Dieting can often lead to fatigue and depression, two traits that will quickly dampen your weight loss efforts. You will constantly feel tired, and will not want to exercise. This low energy will have an effect on your brain, and you will start to feel sad. Also, the fact that most diets do not work for the long term promotes the idea that many people are setting themselves up for failure before they begin. This can lead you to believe that you will never lose weight, and totally terminate any future attempts at getting a healthier lifestyle.

As you can see, dieting for most people is a waste of time. Rather than putting so much time and money into these quick fixes, attention should be paid toward healthier eating and a well developed exercise plan. Avoid unhealthy snacks, and opt for fresh fruits and veggies when hungry. Reduce the intake of sugary sodas, and consume the recommended intake of water, which is 6-8 glasses. Doing this for a long period of time will help establish better eating habits that will help lower your weight and boost your metabolism and energy for years to come.


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