Stop Smoking While it's Not Too Late Yet

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Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health so you must quit smoking while it's not too late yet take care of yourself and don't shorten you own life.

Smoker's Reason

They don't really know why they started to smoke a cigarette but when they began to smoke a cigarette they find it hard to stop it because of lots of reason.

They say that cigarette helped them think clearly when they are thinking about something that they need to think about and make a solution for, they also said that you will be looking for cigarette after meal because if you don't smoke after you eat then you'll turn into bad mood.

They also said that they find it hard to quit smoking because whenever they try they feel like they are craving for it and they can't help it. According to them, they already tried to quit smoking so many times but they always fail.

Smokers are so Brave yet Careless

Do you know that smokers are all brave but careless at the same time? They are fully aware of what is possible to happen to them if they don't quit smoking but still they are lighting a cigarette and inhaling the smoke to their lungs. They are careless because even those people who already had a family keeps on smoking even if they know that when they die because of cigarette smoking their family will be so sad and if the smoker has a child then what do they think their child would feel?

Diseases Caused By Cigarette Smoking

There's a lot of diseases that you may get if you are one of those carelessly brave smokers and all of those are deadly but all of those deadly diseases are preventive if you were just responsible.

Coronary Heart Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
Respiratory Disease
Cancer in Bladder
Cancer in Blood
Cancer in Cervix
Cancer in Colon and Rectum
Cancer in Esophagus
Cancer in Kidney and Ureter
Cancer in Larynx
Cancer in Liver
Cancer in Oropharynx
Cancer in Pancreas
Cancer in Stomach
Cancer in Trachea, Bronchus and Lungs

Now, are you still going to light that cigarette in you hand or are you going to throw it in the garbage already?


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