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However, having twins was not easy. In addition to genetic factors, have twins also have to have a certain tips.


Having twins, of course, would make family life becomes more exciting. Twins is unique, although sometimes when raised, parents will meet with some difficulty, to provide education to the twins. However, there are still many couples, who chose to seek to have twins. However, having twins was not easy. In addition to genetic factors, have twins also have to have a certain tips. Tips can also be obtained, in consultation with the doctor fertilizations. However, for those of you who also want to look for tips, and how to be able to give birth to twins, you can follow the tips below:

1. Married men the birth twins
Believe, that if one or both parents of twins, then it is likely to give birth to twins, the greater. This is because the twins turned out to be lowered.

2. Consume Folic Acid
Taking by folic acid before you get pregnant, the chances of getting pregnant with twins, can reach 40%. This has been demonstrated in a study in Australia. In addition, many women who have proved this. But remember, do not consume excessive.

3. Eat Cassava
According to one study, the highest number of twins born in Africa. There, the population consumes a lot of processed cassava. Therefore, it is believed that a lot of eating cassava, can make pregnant with twins.

4. Increase Weight & Height
It has also been investigated that the people are high, are more likely to conceive twins. But do not worry, in addition to high, you also can increase your weight. You need a lot of energy, to give birth to twins.

5. Consume Dairy
The results in this study, which has been found is, if you consume dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, then the chances of getting pregnant with twins, being five times larger. So, you can try this dairy-processed, in order to have twins.

6. Wait Until Age Older
The point is that the older woman, will have a greater likelihood of having twins, compared to younger women. It is estimated that as a result of ovulation, which is faster, appropriate biological age, which moves faster. Sixteenpercent of women over the age of 45 years, has a chance pregnant with twins. Wait five more years, then chances will be one to nine. But, however, contains in old age, will increase the risk, including the risk of miscarriage, and increased sugar levels during pregnancy. In addition, the baby will be more likely to have chromosomal abnormalities.

7. Grease & Add Weight
The latest research, published in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, showed a strong relationship between the trend of multiple births, with the rise in obesity. Furthermore, the study showed that women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30, will be possessed more opportunities, pregnant with twins. Again, these statistics only occur, in couples with a history of multiple births. Researchers also revealed that women with weight above-average, will have a tendency to conceive twins.

8. Contain when Using Contraceptive Pills
Birth control pill consumption, is very effective to 99.9 percent. However, 0.01 percent is the possibility of multiple pregnancies. Some gestation period contraceptive pill consumption occurs because less consistent in taking the pill, so that the irregularities, will trigger the behavior changing hormones. Which can lead to hiperovulasi.

9. Pray

Although looks simple, but it is something that should not go unnoticed because in the end, the final result we return to the ALMIGHTY.


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