Stress and Illness

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Medical research made on animal has shown that severe stress damages the internal organs. Their research revealed that the links between mind and body, and illness affects human health.

Stress and Illness

For many centuries, folk healers have recognized the relationship between mind and body. These healers believed that the body has a natural ability to fight disease and repair itself. Those who are afflicted with ailment have the ‘’will’’ for recovery given enough time, in contrast with the power of the healers to cure illness due to stress, the discovery of medicine, doctors did not recognize the relationship between mind and body. They look only for defects of the body and the presence of microorganisms that causes the disease. If microorganisms are not present in the body, the person does not have the disease.

Medical research made on animal has shown that severe stress damages the internal organs. Their research revealed that the links between mind and body, and illness affects human health.
The two special areas f medicine, (1) Psychosomatic and (2) Behavioral medicines have confirmed this finding. Psychosomatic medicine named after the Latin roots psyche (mind) and soma (body) applies to psychology and medicine to treat stress disorders. Behavioral medicine combines learning principles with medicine to prevent stress disorders.

Psychosomatic illness is the dysfunction of the organs and organic disease and due to emotional stress which disturb normal body function resulting to ulcers of the stomach.

Scientist believed that stress may be a cause of a breakdown in the immune system, which acts as the body’s inborn defense system against disease. Cancer and arthritis are associated with stress. Stress can cause headache and indigestion. The effect of stress depends on a person’s inherited strength and weaknesses and present physical condition. For instance, if a person inherited a weak digestive system mostly stress would likely cause indigestion. There are two types of personality, (1) Personality Type A and (2) Personality Type B. A person’s personality counts. Research studies have pointed out that a contrasting personality is referred to as a Type A, whereas a personality that is prone to stress disorder that’s easygoing is Type B personality.

Other conditions caused or made worse by Stress:

Cardiovascular System- hypertension, heart attack, and other health disease
Respiratory System- increased breathing
Digestive System- increased or decreased appetite, indigestion, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, spastic colon and peptic ulcer
Reproductive System- Infertility, lack of reproductive drive
Skin- flushing, goose bumps, excess sweating, increase oil secretion, aggravate acne, hives, or other allergic skin reaction
Excretory System- Excess urination
Mouth- Trench mouth, teeth clinching and grinding
Nose- redness, swelling of mucous membrane
Eyes- tears are generated
Throat- lump-like or chocking sensation (caused by muscle tightening and swelling of mucous membrane)
Muscles Ties- spasms


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author avatar Scottster88
13th Oct 2010 (#)

This is very good stuff and an interesting read.

However, as a psychology student, I have to be a little critical. What people continuously fail to realise is that tests on animals are not 100% conclusive.
Animals have different body structures to humans and their bodies operate in different ways to humans. Also, the human brain is far too complex compared to any other animal. Tests on animals are only guesses and only a fraction of the results from animal tests can be applied to humans.

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author avatar Denise O
14th Oct 2010 (#)

Good article.
Just awful what stress can do to us.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar peachpurple
1st Sep 2015 (#)

stress is a bad self inflicted sickness, not an illness. Recovery is important and thanks for listing the other factor too

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author avatar JOAN
4th May 2018 (#)

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