Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

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The Connection Between Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

While stretch marks can affect around 90 % of expectant mothers, they are perhaps not inevitable. It's thought that there are lots of influencing factors including genetic history, ethnicity, complexion, diet, how big is your infant, skin condition and how fast you gain fat through your pregnancy.

Stretch marks will look because of a rupture of collagen in the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) that is seen on the skin's surface. This rupture is triggered once the fibers that produce up the dermis are expanded as your push grows and ultimately they'll stretch too far and break. This influence is improved during pregnancy, as a result of the pregnancy hormonal changes that soften the collagen ligaments of the pelvis. This allows the structure to stretch simply during childbirth that has an effect on the skin's collagen as well.

One method of supporting to cut back the incidence and appearance of stretch marks, is to ensure you have a great diet that will assist the skin hold healthy too. Therefore make sure that you contain a lot of fruit and vegetables, and necessary fatty acids present in omega-3 in your diet. Eating meals which are saturated in supplements C and Elizabeth, zinc and silica have already been discovered to help the skin stretch better. Preventing liquor and by consuming a lot of water may also help.

Therefore if the main element to reducing the look of stretch marks is to keep the skin's elasticity, can gaining a moisturizer or product support?
Pregnancy is an enormous challenge for the skin, but nearly all products are manufactured to combat dry skin, which is not the same thing as a 30 inch stretch around 40 weeks. It is important to choose a treatment or fat that has been designed for that function and uses just pregnancy safe ingredients.

While there's number certainty that the use of a specialized pregnancy stretch mark cream can suggest "no stretch marks for you", the activity of massaging your belly can help boost your skin's flow and may also assist in bonding along with your unborn child - equally very valuable actions.

Unfortunately, just because you could have escaped having stretch marks during your first pregnancy, it doesn't guarantee you won't have it in a subsequent pregnancy. Between your pregnancies your skin condition might have transformed in the meantime and lost a few of its elasticity.

It is likely that your genetic make up is the most crucial simple factor in deciding whether you'll avoid having stretch marks in pregnancy. But a reasonable diet, with plenty of water and the use of a specialized pregnancy stretch mark cream can go a long way towards supporting to cut back the incidence and appearance of any stretch marks that do look around that time.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
16th Jun 2013 (#)

Eat sensibly, get used to the fact that you are carrying another life. Learn the optimal weight gain and go about accordingly. I was 56 kgs before pregnancy went up to 82 kgs and lost about 13 kgs post delivery and the rest of the weight gradually to get back to being 56kgs with minimal stretchmarks that are centred on the pubis, few on the navel and my back always had it because of swimming as well as normal stretches on the thigh.
Just used cocoa butter, coconut oil, castor oil and nivea cream and never scratched myself. Back to the perfect 10 I have always been at 56kgs....

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author avatar steven evans
16th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks for the tips Lady Aiyanna.
I'm sure other readers will be thankful with your personal experience :)

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