Subcutaneous vs Visceral Fat

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What you may not see can trouble you. Though visceral fat may not be felt with your fingers, they expose you to several health risks.

Subcutaneous Fat

There are two types of fat: subcutaneous and visceral. What perhaps bogs down your self image and your self worth is the subcutaneous fat which you see with your eyes and pinch with your fingers is found in places like the abdomen, thighs, hips, and arms.

Visceral Fat

But what is more dangerous to your health and what you should be more concerned about lies as visceral fat in the waist region – your midsection surrounding the liver, heart, lungs, and digestive tract. More women than men find that their proportion of fat to body weight tends to increase as they go through their middle years. A typical pear shaped woman accumulates subcutaneous fat in the lower body, but the typical apple-shaped woman accumulates visceral fat fat in the abdominal area.

Problems with Visceral Fat

Though visceral fat lies out of reach and deep within the abdominal cavity, padding the spaces between our abdominal organs, the visceral fat exposes them to greater metabolic disturbances, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Where fat ends up is influenced by several factors, including heredity and hormones. Abdominal fat cells are biologically active and acts like an endocrine organ or gland, producing hormones that disrupts the normal functioning of other hormones. They pump out immune system chemicals called cytokines — group of proteins secreted by specific cells of the immune system that act as hormone regulators by serving as messengers between cells — that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You can take comfort in the fact that you can rid of visceral fat with exercise and diet and reduce the risks from hypertension and bad cholesterol. It is tougher to get rid of subcutaneous fat. For your information, cellulite is a kind of subcutaneous fat.


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