Success, Courage to succeed and fear of success

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"Success is goals, everything else is commentary." That is how I put a quote from Brian Tracy that I like. Because, like I said in my notes to the moderator: No one owes us anything, and we must totally create benefit for ourselves. Unless we make genuine motions no one and nothing is coming to the rescue in reality.

P.O.C.B.O.P. (Point of contact basic operating principles)

We must come to our own rescue first before anyone owes us anything or makes an effort with us. Note, I did not say make an effort "for" us, I used the word with. Why? I will answer that: We must understand, work with and build our own lives, goals and realities. They never come ready made right down to atoms and molecules making up the structures of everything by coming together particle by particle until everything becomes what it is. Our actual action upon reality and not our expectations is our universal and realistic point of contact in reality.

So, I will continue with this: We do not get what we expect, we get what we are worth deeply. It is saying that what we genuinely put out is what we genuinely get back. I start with these point of contact basic operating principles to say: If we do not tie our shoes, they will not be tied. If we do not initiate action it will never get done. Forget what is owed us, get started from scratch or bottom if you are there. If you start out at the top, good for you, now start proving yourself even "worse" than if you started from scratch or at the bottom.

Life is only good as we perceive it to be, just like we are only as happy and optimistic as we make up our minds to be in reality. The "point of contact" may seem to be a ridiculous way to look at things to those that think they are "owed something" or "should be given something". But, that is reality, we start really winning when we take full, pathological responsibility and really work on things ourselves. That brings me to a point: When I say or type the word pathological in that sentence, it means nothing good or bad, it just means "fully pragmatic reality without fearful filters or game playing", that is all. After all, I know what dishonest classroom psychologists have suggested about that word, but all it is really is looking at things through a path, nothing more, nothing less. Indeed, filtering through "you owe me" or "give me" is the most neurotic thing in existence, especially when you have the power yourself to create the situation you want ultimately. Without the point of contact that you create, control, confirm and realistically channel to your own ends, you can do nothing but either say "give me", "you owe me" or weave a tale of woe that lies to everybody including yourself to get "easy" unearned gains.

After all, the best people in existence are earners. The worst are "entitled". No matter how much an "entitled" person gets, they are still losers. The earners with genuine control of themselves and pride in their earned actions that enhance everything in a self-made way are winners who can make and control situations. This is the key to the point of contact: "I earn", not "I am entitled" or "you owe me".

"I am entitled" or "you owe me" is fully giving away your power, legitimate or illegitimate. Owning your power is earning. The basic operating principles of the point of contact depend on earning instead of being owed for we are what we make ourselves through our actions.

Human nature is not perfectible when it is owed, but we make ourselves genuinely what we want to be when it is earned, not given. We rise to our level we grow to ourselves. That is as basic as I get.


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Awesome post!

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