Success Is Just Around the Corner

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Find out the three golden principles that lead to personal success.

Success Is Just Around the Corner

All of us want to be successful, but few know the secret mantra of it. It takes a lot of effort to achieve personal greatness and most people seem to believe that luck and intelligence matter the most. Luck and intelligence definitely play a part in every success story, but are they really the determining factors? Below are the three secret (well, not so secret in a way) ingredients that I think are essential for success.

A. Vision

A great vision is VERY important if you want to be exceptionally successful like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Apple never really worried about its future because Jobs has plotted a ten-year plan long before his death (I don’t think he has expected his death to come so soon though). He’s a forward-thinking individual who can envision future trends. Truly successful people have great visions. They dream big and are not afraid of limits. They challenge themselves and bet on the impossible. Most people lack vision and are contented with a dull life with monotonous work, but successful people hate their lives. They go to great lengths just to make their lives better. So people, set a long-term and seemingly unreachable goal NOW and think of ways to make it happen. An unparalleled vision is the first step towards phenomenal success and it’s never too late to start planning.

B. Hard work

Many people tend to underestimate the value of hard work. In fact, hard work is even more important than intelligence, if you happen to remember a famous quote from Edison that said, ‘Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration’. One simply couldn’t work hard enough. There’s always room for another drill. There’s always room for another round of practice. Life is about fun but if you want to be successful, you’ll have to work extra hard than the others. Think of the Olympians. How much they have sacrificed for a medal. How many hours they have devoted into mundane practices. Success doesn’t come easily but your hard work will be paid off someday if you hang in there.

C. Resilience

I’m talking about the ‘Never-give-up’ spirit and though it’s cliché, I don’t see many people practicing this golden rule after another, another and yet another failure. Failures come in bulks but success only once. It will greet you at the far end of the road, but for the meantime, you’ll have to deal with countless failures that will ruin your mood and drag you down the abyss of absolute darkness. Keep your spirits up and hold your head high when you feel like your world is crumpling down. I’ve experienced great downfalls academically but I bounced back using my own will. The process is hard, and catching up with the others is a lonely battle, but whenever you get stuck with failures, have a little faith in yourself and get back on your feet because many great people also did the same thing before FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


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author avatar Eric
23rd Oct 2012 (#)

I came to this post through University Forums because I love understanding the mindsets of other young people, such as myself. I enjoyed the writing and I hope you keep it up.

P.S. I'd love to hear you go deeper into these subjects and provide your own processes/systems for them. I think it would give readers a lot of value ^_^

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