Sugar Addiction Is Real, I Am a Recovering Addict!

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I want to share my journey of eliminating sugar from my diet.

My Sugar Addiction

Today I experienced withdrawal symptoms as I am trying to kick my sugar addiction. I would say that my diet is moderately healthy, aside from my occasional (weekly) treats of cake, candy, chocolate etc... I never realized that I had a problem until I tried to reduce/ eliminate it from my diet! Once I became aware of my cravings its like I was observing myself and seeing first hand how desperate I would get for sweets. I have done ok with replacing my candy cravings with fruits, instead of buying candy but I also noticed that I would crave something "thicker" than fruit so I would eat cereal, to get my fix.

The main reason that I even want to kick my sugar habit is because I have become more aware of how what I eat affects me emotionally and spiritually, and as I am growing and wanting to ascend in that aspect, I realize that what I eat impacts me a great deal. Removing meat from my diet is not a struggle since animals are not very appetizing to me when I look at it from a different perspective. Sugar, however is really challenging, especially since I have my two children who I often eat sweets with!

Today I took my kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and the first thing they asked me was for us to go to the Sweet Factory, and I could not say no so there I was getting candy for them and myself as well. I felt guilt with every jelly belly that entered my mouth because I knew I was consciously choosing to backslide and I let sugar take over. I couldn't get myself to eat the whole bag so I gave it to my son who happened to have eaten all of his so he was getting mad and jealous at his sister because she still had her candy and did not want to share with him, so he came to me desperate for more candy, so I gave him my bag. And later when we got home, my daughter asked me if I had any candy or sweets left, and there I realized that I am an addict, and so are my kids!

In order for me to successfully eliminate sugar from my diet, I know that I should not have any sweets in our home at all, because If I buy it for my kids, I know I will eat some too.

I want to make better choices for me and my children and so I plan to replace our regular sweet treats with natural substitutes such as fruits, raisins, and coconut flakes to start. I'm not sure what to substitute my cake, & muffin cravings with just yet, but I will figure it out.

I love cereal, and I frequently turn to cereal to replace my craving for cake, chocolate, or any solid thick sweet cravings. I know that cereals have sugar too regardless of how "healthy" they claim to be but if I tried to eliminate cereal for me, but then buy some for the kids, I know that I will eat their cereal too, so I know that fighting sugar is going to be a big challenge for me. I don't want my kids to think I'm being mean by not buying our regular sweet treats so its going to be a tough one, because my kids ask me for sweats daily.

My ultimate goal is to not feel powerless when it comes to sweets, and not give in at every temptation.

Today I felt as if I was a drug addict in need of my fix, and there I witnessed my kids being the same way. There are times when there are no sweets in my home besides tea and honey or hot chocolate, and I get so desperate for sugar when this happens and have even made brownies out of the hot chocolate to get my fix!

This sugar addiction is no joke, and while it may seem "normal" to eat it often in different forms it is very addictive and unhealthy, and I want to stop it now! I know sweets will be eliminated from my next grocery trip.

I will continue to work out, eat foods that feel good and guilt free. I'm going to win this battle over sugar no matter what!


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author avatar Retired
17th Mar 2013 (#)

so true! i love sugar and i am a complete sugar addict!

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author avatar Ptrikha
18th Mar 2013 (#)

May be you can count how much sugary stuff you eat in a week. Say, you eat 12 such servings. Reduce to 10 a week, then 8, then 6 and so on. It might be much easier than giving up in one go.

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author avatar Rose*
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Have you thought of trying oatmeal with bananas on top? It's cereal, but doesn't have all the added sugar in it. Oatmeal is good for you too!

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author avatar AscendingQueen
6th May 2013 (#)

Thanks for your suggestions. I did experience a temporary addiction to Cinnabons in the past month, and now I have chosen to eliminate them from my grocery list and incorporate more fruits instead.

I rarely eat oatmeal anymore because I don't like the mushy-ness

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author avatar AscendingQueen
10th Sep 2013 (#)

Update! As of today 09/09/13, I have eliminated sugar from my diet completely (YAY!!!) and I use honey as a sweetener for the small sweet treats I make. Once in the blue moon such as birthdays I'd have a small slice of cake but sugar does not have a hold on me like it used to and I feel the difference, big time!

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