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Sujok is a new method adopted in Asia, mixing acupressure and acupuncture, to get better juices flowing, for better health improvement

Have you tried SUJOK for better health?

Developed by Korean Professor Park J. Woo , a philosopher scientist, some three and a half decades ago, Sujok has spread all over the world now.” The results speak for themselves,” says Dr Amarjit Singh Narula a Sujok practitioner from Mumbai, in India.”from paralysis to cancer, organ failure, back pain – this non-invasive self-help technique has a lot of followers and the list is increasing each day.

The treatment through the method of Sujok is often confused with Chinese acupuncture, which treats through pressure points located all over the body, Sujok has points only on the hands and feet. It is quite simple for a layman to treat himself. On the left fist, the thumb is the head and neck, index and little finger are the left and right arm respectively and the middle ring finger are the right and left legs respectively. The three divisions of the finger represent the upper arm, lower arm and palm, thigh, calf and foot. The thumb, which represents the head and neck, correspondingly has only two bi-sections. The round mound on the palm represents the diaphragm , to the left of which lies the heart and lungs. The palm is the torso, while the back of the hand corresponds to the back. Similarly, the feet too contain all the body parts as well. One simply has to press the point on the hand, which corresponds to the organ which is unwell. Sujok therefore works on the principle of achieving balance and harmony of energies in the body and mind. The energies of the body are represented by wind, heat, humidity, coldness, dryness, brightness and darkness each of which relate to a colour.
“Sujok has proved to many patients of immediate results where conventional medicines failed to make any noticeable change “ opines Dr Amarjit.

I, personally wanted to try the new art of healing called sujok and was looking for a human ginnue pig. And yes, I spotted a quiet dog of my friend Jack in my neighbourhood. I picked him up and pressed the bottom of his jaws. The dog jumped up, visibly more jovial and energetic then before. Now you also know how to treat your pet when he/she is feeling low.


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author avatar Naim yadally
1st Feb 2016 (#)

I've just learnt about sujok. But will fully believe in it if my migraine is cured and/or my mum's foot drop is cured.

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author avatar Raj
23rd Mar 2017 (#)

Hi Naim

Hope you doing good, I wanted to know is Sujok therapy helping to cure your migraine and your mum`s foot drop ?

I was planning sujok theory for my mother, she is 64 year young and suffering from sugar disease sice 25 years and back pain from last 3 years

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