Summer Injuries

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Summer is a time of fun. Kids wait for summer with great enthusiasm. Though they enjoy it freely, it is advisable to foresee the accidents. Summer injuries can be avoided with a little care.

Summer is a time to be careful

Summer is on with all happy memories for the elders as well as kids. It is a time of fun involving kids with pleasant activities! Hiking, biking, swimming and countless funny activities wait for the arrival of summer! After the severe winter that has been arresting kids in rooms with heaters, summer is the great time to get out and explore the local surroundings, get some exercises and enjoy things in a completely free perspective. Taking picnics, looking out for spots of fresh entertainments and enjoying the free air with the family and friends really fill the life of all with reality.

Summer is the time of fun and fair weather for all. Academic year comes to an end with a joyful promise of summer vacation and kids long for these days when they enjoy hopping, running and playing different games. They just fly everywhere like butterflies emerging from their cocoons! But it is also a time of care and precaution. A little carelessness may lead to great misfortunes!

Each year countless kids meet with accidents and are treated for playground injuries! Had there been a little care these accidents could have been avoided. It is advisable to follow the ten tips given below to eliminate the hidden hazards of summer!

Ten tips to avoid summer injuries

1. Falls account for eighty percent of summer injuries. Install shock-absorbing rubber mats or at least 25 centimeters of sand under play sets. Many grounds have grass which is not enough for safety. Public playground surface also should be protected with safety materials.

2. Kids should be given proper warning and first aid materials should be ready to tackle sports injuries.

3. Swimming is another place of summer injuries. Kids should never be allowed to swim in unknown pools, etc.

4. Strangulation is the leading cause of home playground deaths. Never let your children attach skipping ropes or clotheslines to equipment. Remove rocks, stumps, hoses and other tripping hazards.

5. Sun safety should be given due importance. Protecting the kids’ eyes and skin from the hot sun is very important. It is recommended that the kids wear sunglasses and that the lenses block out at least 98 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. Since sunglasses are a relatively small item and may get lost or broken easily, it is advisable to have a spare one.

Outdoor accidents

6. Inspect the play sets regularly for stability, sharp edges and loose or protruding bolts.

7. Be sure that spaces between ladder rungs, etc. are less than eight centimeters or more than twenty five centimeters to avoid accidents.

8. Climbable playthings should have tight bolts to eliminate to avoid risks. Kids should not feel uneasy or endangered with faults in play materials.

9. Install safety covers on all out door sockets. Peak hour outdoor activities may be avoided. Water should be available to the kids. As they run around in hot weather they can dehydrate very quickly.

10. Check carefully for insects or poisonous things in gardens or play grounds

If proper care is maintained by the elders, such unexpected summer injuries can be avoided. It is always advisable to keep a first aid box to manage unforeseen events. By keeping in mind these tips let this summer be an enjoyable one for our kids.


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30th Jul 2011 (#)

Very informative with summer is always wise to take precautions so that kids may have an enjoyable summer...thanks for sharing....

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31st Jul 2011 (#)

Very many thanks for your loving words of appreciation.

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31st Jul 2011 (#)

What a sensible and helpful article vpaulose. Many thanks.

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Thank you my dear sister Carol, for your kind words of encouragement

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31st Jul 2011 (#)

Outstanding advice, thanks!

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author avatar vpaulose
1st Aug 2011 (#)

Your appreciation does a lot. Thank you my brother.

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