Sunburn damages the skin's DNA

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Many people still want the tan but not the sunburn and have chosen to go to tanning salons to avoid the sun's UV Rays


Summer will soon be here any many people are happy to be out and enjoying the bright sunshine. However, sun worshipers must not throw caution to the wind. We do however, have to be aware of the dangers we face when exposing our naked skin to the sun's ultraviolet rays.


One of the most common conditions produced by too much exposure to the sun is the the dreaded sunburn, scientifically known as erythema.

A person will get a sunburn when the energy from the sun's ultraviolet rays damage the skin cells. The body will try to repair the damage by sending extra blood to the site of the burn. This extra blood under the skin is the redness we see when we experience a sunburn.

How long it takes to experience a sunburn depends upon the type of skin the person has and the amount of time the naked skin was exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Montrealers or people from any region who have darker skin types naturally have higher levels of melanin within the skin and therefore can stay out in the sun for much longer periods of time before their skin will burn. Some people do not burn at all and some people will tan rather than burn.

Fair skinned people are not so lucky; they may burn within a relatively short period of time.

symptoms of sunburn, prevention and tanning beds

Mild symptoms of sunburn include: red skin, skin that is hot to the touch, fatigue and dizziness.

Frequent exposure to the sun can result in non malignant tumors (noncancerous) and skin cancer.


A person can avoid sunburn by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing such as a hat that will deflect the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Exposure to the sun can build up the body's resistance. A person who has experienced a mild sunburn will not be as easily targeted for another one. The reason being, is that body's immune system has protected itself by producing more melanin.

The downside is that sunburn and increased levels of melanin production is a result of direct DNA damage that can lead to melanoma skin cancer. Fortunately the incident of skin cancer is rare and the majority of sunburns slowly heal.

What are other types of sunburn damage?

Tanning salon treatment can produce a sunburn, or skin damage. Welding arcs, (power tools emitting electrical currents used in the welding profession) can also produce a sunburn.

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