Surgery to Prevent Colon Cancer

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This is an article I wrote about my husband's personal battle trying to prevent colon cancer.

Colon Cancer and Colostomies

Most men don't give it a second thought about having a colonoscopy done. It is suggested to be done once a man turns forty years of age. While the vast majority of men are more concerned with the discomfort of having it done, it's benefits can certainly outweigh the discomfort. It can show polyps that could potentially be cancerous, and that can also be removed in hopes of preventing colon cancer itself.

I'm not an expert on colon health by any means, and have never had a colonoscopy myself. I guess since I am female, it really doesn't occur to me to have it done. I have, however, watched my husband battle colon health for years. He has Ulcerative Colitis. The rough part for him is that his is very severe, and his body doesn't respond well to the treatments given for this disease. He is only forty-one, and he's had UC since he was in his twenties.

He goes to a gastrointestinal specialist regularly, and has had several colonoscopy's done. Each time it has gotten worse. The polyps seem to cover more of the colon every time he has one done. This time nearly his entire colon was covered. He is now at the stage just before full-blown colon cancer. To make it worse, he also has high blood pressure, and diabetes, so as you may guess, he rarely feels well.

His doctor has been pushing him to have the colostomy done for the past two years. He is very worried about the outcome, so he hasn't yet had it done. This time his doctor told him he has to have it done now, or the risk of colon cancer within the next year is extremely high. That's based on only the polyps he could run tests on. He said that with so much of the colon being covered, he couldn't possibly test every one. Therefore, the results could be worse than we think.

So, he has now decided, with a little encouragement from yours truly, to have it done early fall. He really doesn't like the idea of having a pouch attached to his hip. I told him it was better to wear a pouch, and be alive than the alternative. I also told him that myself and his kids' wanted him to be around for a very long time, so he needed to do it for us as well. So wish us luck. I certainly hope it goes well. I don't know if this is typical, or because his is so severe, but it has to be done in two different surgeries. Each one requiring a week long hospital stay two hours away from where we live.

To all the guys out there, please have your colonoscopy done regularly. It could save your life.


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