Surprising Factors That Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

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How to combat the distractions and living constraints to create a peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages deep and restful sleep.


We all know that our bedroom should be conducive to sleep and rest, but many of us use it for things like working and eating in too. We are all guilty of at least one of these bad habits, but in order to get a good night's kip it is best to associate the bedroom with sleeping. This means banning non-bedroom related activities however, in this age it seems unrealistic.
We now have multitudes of distracting technology and often a lack of space, which means obstacles to work around and compromise on when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere. So, what can we do? Your bedroom should be the place where you can take that much-needed time out to relax and recharge, so let’s make it our aim to do just that.

Detox From Technology

…Turn it off, to put it simply! I am attached to my phone much like everyone else I know and it is something that I would be lost without. Many, including myself, plug in their phones then get comfy in bed and catch up on social media. Yet, did you know that this is actually quite harmful for you and could be affecting your quality of sleep?

A simple way of breaking this habit, is to charge your phone away from your bedside table. Phones also charge better when turned off, so just switch it off! You won't have the distractions of Twitter AND it charges faster – bonus! If you really can’t get to sleep, pick up a book or listen to some relaxing music instead.

Make Sure Your Bed Is Right For You

Do you know why people can’t wake up in the mornings? It’s because they didn’t get enough sleep. That sounds silly and obvious, right? So, why do we still do it? Some blame technology, others blame their beds or even their partner. Truth is, it could be a combination of all three. But how do we solve this?

Firstly, read the paragraph above again and consider changing up your mattress and if that fails, consider making your partner sleep on the sofa. Okay, maybe not the last one… though people do get desperate in these circumstances!

In all seriousness though, a good quality mattress can really change the way you sleep. With a wide range available, from memory foam to your standard spring mattress the choices are endless. However, you don’t want to get the wrong one that could give you an awful night’s sleep. Firstly, know the size of the mattress you want and then do some research on the types you can get and what they are best for. It is super easy to buy a mattress online nowadays, but buying the right one is a whole different ball game. With loads of online articles, you will be sure to find one to suit your sleeping needs.

Get Your Interior Design Right

There are loads of DIY projects that you could do to make your bedroom a calmer, more relaxing space and it’s really easy to do so on a budget. Start by giving the walls a lick of neutral toned paint and look to declutter everything including the drawers! I always have a look on Pinterest for some DIY inspiration – you will be amazed with what people come up with. It’s great because there are projects for all levels – so you don’t have to be a complete pro at woodwork to create something cool!

Keep Clean And Tidy

I briefly touched on this in my last paragraph but here I am again to tell you…tidy that room! Sleeping in an unclean room could really be impacting on your key relaxing and sleeping time. Imagine walking into your room and it is clean and tidy – how would that make you feel? I know I would feel pretty good! Walking into a messy room affects your mood by adding to the stress of knowing you will be having to clean your room at some point in the near future, so stop putting it off and tackle it now!


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