Symptoms and Cures for Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apneas are more common than one thinks. It is a dangerous ailment if left untreated. You can cure sleep apnea fully through treatment. Check out types and cures for this disorder.

Knowing this ailment

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that affects 4% men and 2% women. Sleep apnea left untreated can lead to severe diseases like blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, impotence, weight gain and memory loss. One can treat this disorder effectively and so there is no real worry. People lose their breathing pattern and there are disruptions to the regular breathing. Stoppages in breathing occur that can last for 15 seconds or more.

Signs indicating sleep apnea

Most people have a tendency to ignore symptoms of this disorder saying it is all normal. However, truth is that it is far from normal. Here are the symptoms exhibited by people having this disease.
I) Morning after symptoms
i. Sleepiness
ii. Restlessness throughout the day
iii. Irritation
iv. No or very less appetite
v. Diabetes
II) During sleep symptoms
a. Choking sensation
b. Frequent urination
c. Stoppage of breath for long periods
d. Wake up several times

Different sleep apnea types

Two types of sleep apnea present themselves. They may be present individually or in a combined manner in the patient.
1) Central
2) Obstructive
3) Mixed

Reasons for incidence of this disorder

For the first type, central sleep apnea the cause is mainly due to the failure of the central nervous system functioning. During sleep, the person stops breathing. It is now the duty of the central nervous system to signal to resume breathing. This does not happen and the person stops breathing for a long time.

In the second type, stoppage of breathing happens due to blockage of air in the air passage due to growth of tissues. Excess tissue, which may be because the person is too fat or may be because of disease, intrudes in the air passage and causes the air stoppage.

Mixed sleep apnea has a fair amount of both and breath restriction occurs due to either reason or both.

Common treatment methods

A) Quitting all alcohol, sedatives and drugs that cause relaxation of throat
B) Surgery
C) Use of oral device
• Alcohol will make the muscles to become relaxed. Same is the case with drugs and sedatives. When the throat muscles relax too much, it will obstruct airflow. Therefore, this is a first step that is necessary.
• Surgery is an option when you can remedy the airways by removing excess tissues. Tonsillitis is an example of such a case. Infections make the tonsils to swell and block the airways.
• Oral devices clear air passage physically. They could also have a position correction function such as in the mandibular correction device that repositions the jaw.
• CPAP has of late become popular because of ease of use. The operating principle is that positive pressure force air into the mouth. This will open airways and assist breathing.

Keeping a lookout for this disorder

You have to keep a watch for sleep apnea. Since the person will be asleep, you have to wake up when you hear snores and shake the person awake. Why is this necessary? This will interrupt the habit and make the person aware. Now, you can proceed to give treatment for effectively curing him or her.

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2nd Jul 2014 (#)

A great and comprehensive description of this condition, its causes and the treatments. Kudos!

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Thanks Ptrikha, I am glad you like it.

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3rd Jul 2014 (#)

Is sleep apnea something a loved one of yours has suffered from? You've written about it quite a bit.

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3rd Jul 2014 (#)

No no no no, I have hardly begun, I intend to write at least 200 to 300 more articles on this subject. It gets lots of traffic.

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