Symptoms of Arthritis

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Arthritis is a inflammatory disease that affects joints. Patient experience pain in the joints while doing daily activities, especially walking. In addition, you may see redness , swelling
around the joint. Know more symptoms about this joint disease.

Know About Arthritis

Like other disease , Arthritis also has a number of symptoms and Symptoms may vary depending on the cause of its development.

1.Reactive arthritis - It is characterized by weakness and malaise. Since the disease manifests itself in the initial stage. Sometimes there are headaches, and body temperature can reach 38 degrees. Distinguish reactive arthritis may be the characteristic feature - leg joints are affected asymmetrically, and this occurs after disappearing for nonspecific signs of illness. Parallel may appear symptoms of inflammation of the urogenital system (burning sensation during urination) and conjunctivitis.

2.Rheumatoid arthritis - It is manifested in the fact that the joints are affected symmetrically. They become swollen and inflamed. The pain will intensify at night, closer to awakening. In the afternoon, it almost completely disappears. In the early development of the disease people often saved from unpleasant feelings by performing the exercise. The more the disease progresses, the less efficient the process becomes. After the strike the small joints of arthritis, it will move to large, will form the characteristic knots. They are represented by small, dense formations, localized on the bend of the joints. Throughout the illness the person will experience malaise, poor appetite, weakness. During periods of exacerbation occurs fever. Sometimes join symptoms such as numbness in arms and legs, pain in the chest during breathing, inflammation of the salivary glands, as well as photophobia and pain in the eyes.

3.Infectious arthritis - It is acute onset of characteristic signs of intoxication. The body temperature rises to higher values, accompanied by chills, headache and muscle pain. Sometimes you may experience nausea, vomiting followed, but this feature is often characteristic of young children. The joint, which is struck by illness, swells, its shape changes. The pain is worse during movement, it may radiate to the next location of the site. A man tries to take the position in which it is easier to tolerate the discomfort. The skin is heated around the place where the diseased joint. If people have symptoms of blurred retirement age, the children they appear brighter. The disease develops rapidly.

4.Gouty attack - It often occurs at night. To give impetus to the disease , its due to eating large amounts of meat or alcohol most of the time . In most cases, infestation first joint of the thumb is located on the leg. But sometimes the disease affects the knee or elbow. To inflammation site can not be touched, as a person experiences severe pain which is accompanied by swelling and reddening of the skin. The body temperature is normal, the episode has passed as suddenly as it had begun. The total period of the disease - a few days.

5.Psoriatic arthritis - It can be identifies by the following symptoms: a gradual progression of the disease, swelling at the site of injury, local temperature rise. In skin and scalp spots appear, they are red, gives a person the discomfort of itching and flaking. Just parallel affected nail plates, they begin to split. Suffer from this type of arthritis can any joint, but more often affected fingers. At the same time, they thicken and resemble sausages. Pain in the initial stages of the disease does not occur, and if it is present, in the morning.

6.Osteoarthritis - It is manifested in the fact that the joints begin to ache gradually as the disease progresses. Also, a characteristic feature is the crunch. It affects both the joints of limbs and spine.

7.Traumatic arthritis - It due to osteoarthritis or we can say osteoarthritis is the main cause of traumatic arthritis. The symptoms aare the same - is pain, swelling and crepitation in the place where the inflammatory process.


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