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The late Chuck Berry may have wrote and sang a song in 1972 called "my ding-a-ling", but as I am approaching two years past forty and my friends are aging with me, this serious subject comes to mind. Even financier Michael Milken thought enough about it to make it a cause for his foundation a few years ago. You know, our prostate is not just sex on bells and a string, it is something we need to take proper care of. Something we all need to think about and think about seriously.

In life and existence we are vulnerable to reality

It is universal, everybody, we are all vulnerable to reality. I do not care who you are, even if you are Superman or the greatest thing to walk the earth, reality is where everyone has a definite weakness. When you can admit the weakness and deal with it honestly, that is where strength starts. Sure, I will get to the subject of the article, but I wanted to preamble it with this reality: No one person is perfect, no one person has all of the answers all of the time, and the winner is always persistence and time, because those two things are the objective "Gods" with all of the real answers.

With the above said, I can honestly say do not be afraid to be vulnerable, do not be afraid to ask why, and above all, do not be afraid not to be perfect.

Last night, I got so angry at life, that I said "I wish I was God! Then I would have the answer to everything and implement it like I want to!" I said that to my Mother quite irate at life for giving people its "normal" answers of old age, suffering, disease, problems, and all of the "other stuff". Then I realized who and what God really is at that moment, all the genuine anger and bad attitude left me at that moment. No matter what, God is time and persistence, I know that, nothing can take its place. You know, for all the political craziness that was Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson, they were right in their quoted sayings about happiness, patience, persistence, and yes, the realities of what time means to all of us. Why am I putting this in an article about the health of my fellow men. Think about it, sayings like "big boys don't cry" and "don't show or feel vulnerability" are a total tripe. If you genuinely want to be happy, patient, persistent, and win with time, you, my fellow man, had better admit the reality in now, or lose to bad health, held in feelings and, yes, the ravages of time.

What can the best of us expect?

The best of us can expect to win with reality, but not against it. We can fume and curse reality all that we want, but it will still be what it is: Reality. The square peg will stay the square peg until we cut the peg. The best we can expect is to unite with reality and win with reality, but we cannot win against reality. The beginning of genuine healing is admitting reality in, and keeping expectation out. I know, that sounds crazy, vulnerable and "out of control", but is that not the realistic truth of the matter? Expectations usually are disappointment embodied, especially when it comes to genuine healing.

So think about this: Reality will always win. I got told this when I was at Rainbow Bridge Center by all of my teachers and every staff member including the physical education teacher Pete Morgan, and I am telling you the same thing now. Reality is either the lap we take when we do wrong, or the triumph we get when we work productively with it.

Now, I know, you are wondering what this has to do with dealing with bad situations in life such as prostate cancer and breast cancer and all of that. Well, I can say this: We must fight with reality and not against it, hating it every step of the way, if we really do want to heal reality or the sickness in reality. What do you think was the real secret of Bernie Siegel's successful cancer therapies anyway in books like "Love, Medicine and Miracles" anyhow? Researching for this article, the universal law comes down to two things if you really want to live well, despite what happens right or wrong, persistence and tolerance. Without those, you may as well "chicken out and hang it up".

So, as Leo Felice Buscaglia said, "have a good cry, let it out, you may as well." Sure, on many things we can cry "weakness!" But, the real start of healing is when you can let go of the genuinely weak baggage, and the real strength starts when you can honestly say "screw the facade, give me the reality, joke or serious, give me the reality, and I will understand." My genuine views have evolved over the years, sure, but one thing I cannot beat, no matter what I do want to believe, is reality. In fact, no one can win against that. Winning with reality is possible, but winning against reality is not possible. You can cheat and pat yourself on the back for it, but reality will still be in your heart like a lone light in the darkness of "cheating" that will not go away. But, the triumph is honesty no matter how you can or do look at it. That is where the guts and the healing are anyway. This is the best we can all expect. So, do not be afraid to affirm or contradict yourself at times, because the answers are everywhere and so are the lies. Do what is needed, dismiss what is not. That is the best we can expect. "Want" is an incidental anyway when considering reality.


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