Taking Advantage Of Others Vulnerabilities

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Sadly there are a lot of people in this world who see fit to pray on others vulnerabilities and fears to make some quick money, by raising awareness and working together we can end this practice once and for all.

Beware Of Those Who Sell You Information You Can Get For Free

Why is it that some people have to undo the hard work of others by taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities. This comment comes from my dismay at those who take the good advice offered to individuals by the teachings of theories such as the law of attraction and recharge the advice for hundreds or thousands of dollars. The people who take this approach to supposedly helping people in a vulnerable position are frauds who just want to make a quick buck.

I have read several law of attraction books and have found their advice both encouraging and motivating, some of these books have helped me fight my way out of depression and best of all everything I have read has been free.

As I have learned more about the law of attraction, I have been doing more and more research into the subject of the law of attraction and I have come across several so called authorities in the law of attraction charging thousands of dollars for courses on the subject. These ladies and gentlemen know that their course are not worth the money they are charging, as all the advice they give can be acquired for free, but as they are dealing with very vulnerable people who are willing to do anything to improve their lives they think they can take advantage of them.

To me this is pure greed and totally out of line, why do people have to target those with a weakness or fear in order to earn money. I have no problem people writing books or blogs in order to spread the powerful teachings of the law of attraction, in fact I think this is fantastic and earning a few dollars per book is a very fair exchange. My problem comes when people try and cheat those in a very vulnerable position out of hundreds or thousands of dollars, there is just no need for this sort of behaviour at all in my opinion.

As I mentioned earlier in this post I am a big fan of the teachings behind the law of attraction, which is basically like actions attract like results. The law of attraction is a very positive and grounding approach to life, but if you are interested in learning more you can get great quality information for free or just a few dollars. Please, please do not be conned into parting with thousands of dollars as anyone offering information on this subject for large sums of money is a fraud.


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author avatar brendamarie
23rd Sep 2015 (#)

There is a huge amount of information about the laws of attraction allover the place. It's like anything else, if there is a need people will try an take advantage. Do research on your own first before you put out any money.

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author avatar peachpurple
23rd Sep 2015 (#)

do you know that banks are the one who sold customers data to telecommunications, credit card companies and insurance companies? I kept getting annoying calls from them

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