Tasty snacks for an evening meal at home

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This meal was a way to gather to watch a film at home and a lot healthier than the commercialized ones.

Tasty snacks for an evening meal at home

A friend and I used to gather at home to prepare some tasty and nutritious snacks that would make an evening meal while we watched a film.
Cheese was always a favorite one to have with red or green grapes. A mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, olives, anchovies, pickled onions and capers was also on the coffee table nearby the sofa.
We also made a small size omelet that could be of potato, aubergine or courgette. Or a plate of fritters. This fritters could be made of couliflower, lamb brain or cod.
All of it was set on the coffee table and we settled to have our evening meal while watching a film.

We do sometimes have half a couliflower in the fridge and we don´t know what to do with it or it´s not enough for a recipe of our own. We can use it to make some fritters. We´ll separate them in florets to boild them. Then, we´ll take them out of the boiling water and we´ll pass them in beaten egg to fry them in abundant hot oil. It can´t be easier to make them.
They´re small and they´re sold in shops where they sell parts and the insides of lambs and cows. They´re very tasty and ideal for finger food. A small brain will be enough for a good portion of them.. Firstly, we´ll wash the brain well under the cold tap and we´ll leave it in cold water with few drops of vinegar while we prepare a batter with eggs, a couple of spoonfuls of flour, a small spoonful of baking powder and a pinch of salt. We´ll beat it well and then we´ll add the brain cut into small pieces to fry every piece covered in batter.
Potato and onion omelet is the most popular one, but nothing stops us of making one with any other vegetable such as an aubergine, a courgette or a couple of artichokes that may be forgotten in the bottom of the fridge.
The way to make one of these omelets is the same as with potatoes. One will take a big aubergine to slice it finely, salt it and will fry it in abundant olive oil with some sliced onion till it´s soft. While the aubergine fries, one will beat a couple of eggs to add the fried aubergine. One will mix it well with the beaten egg and will be returned to the pan without any oil, but slightly oiled to be cooked on both sides.
Preparation time won´t be longer than half an hour, including all the preparations and the procedure will be the same using any other vegetable such as courgettes or artichokes. If using artichokes, one should remove the outer leaves, cut them in chunks and add few drops of lemon to avoid the artichokes to get dark before they are fried.
How does this meal sound? For us, it was a sort of easy meal to get together to watch a film a lot more nutritious and healthy than getting few commercialized ones in the supermarket.

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